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Get a plan and build a board

By Jocelyn Gavin-Lane

It’s a new year full of new goals, plans and affirmations. But how do you nail down and, most importantly, work your plan?

There are several steps to creating an optimal vision for the new year. Vision boards are a wonderful tool, but do you actually know what they are? If you think you can just post some pictures and affirmations on a board and things will just happen, you’ve got it all wrong. Vision boards are filled with intentions. Intentions are no good without a plan and putting in the work.

So what can you do to create your vision for the new year?

At the outset, take a moment to reflect on the current year. What worked? What didn’t? What do you need to do more of to reach your goals? When goal setting, it’s imperative that you look at your entire circumstance: What is your reality right now? Be honest about where you are and where you would like to be.

Then ask yourself: What are my goals? What actions do I need to take to get what I need? One thing about goals: they are just that if you put no action to them. I usually list my goals in areas of my life that promote overall wellness. I list goals for career, business, health, family, finances, education/lifelong learning and anything else important to me at that time. It is also important to list your goals for the short term and long term. Are your goals SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely)? Creating SMART goals is a perfect way to be sure your goals are attainable.

Next, gather your magazines, affirmations and pictures. Make sure to choose magazines, cutouts and affirmations that are important to you. This may require purchasing a couple of magazines that speak to some of the things that are meaningful to you to place on your board. Now that you have all your materials and board, be sure to set the mood in a calm and affirming area. Light some candles, play inspirational music, pour your favorite glass of wine and start building your board.

Now that you have your board complete, it is important to actively start working on it. Set definite plans to reach each intention you’ve identified. Now, watch your board work!

Download Your Free Vision Board Template

Start 2019 off right with mapping out your personal vision board with this downloadable template.

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