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So he never knows what to gift you?

Forget subtlety! This page is for him

Husbands and boyfriends, we hear you. The pressure of finding the right gift for the woman in your life is enough to drive any man to the brink. The options are overwhelming — and the temptation too great to fall into a trap of an ugly sweater or tacky nick nack bought at the last minute (seriously … don’t).

If you’re desperate to avoid that familiar, disappointed look on your significant other’s face come Christmas, we have the ultimate gift guide guaranteed to keep you out of the doghouse … at least until Valentine’s Day.


A shiny, sparkly bauble is a surefire way to make most women smile.

A word of caution: don’t run off to the nearest jewelry store without a plan. Pay attention to what she already wears; what type of metal or gems does she favor? Does she prefer studs or larger earrings? Does she make a bold statement with her pieces or opt for something more delicate?

When you’re ready to buy, use your best judgment. Expensive does not always equal better, so focus on design and craftsmanship over cost. You don’t have to blow your budget to get something elegant and tasteful.

P.S.: You may deem one watch sufficient, but your significant other probably sees it differently. A chic timepiece, like this Fossil rose gold watch with a leather band and buckle enclosure, can make a lovely addition to her collection.


Yep, plenty of women love to find the latest gadgets under the tree. Consider a sleek, stylish smart watch, a portable Bluetooth speaker or even a fun mini instant camera. While she’s working out or relaxing after a busy day, your lady probably is eager to tune out the rest of the world; that makes noise-cancelling headphones, like this Libratone pair, a thoughtful choice.


Take a whiff as you walk through your door. If you live with a woman, you likely are greeted with an inviting aroma like French vanilla or lavender. Is your wife or girlfriend crazy about candles or deathly serious about air fresheners? She’s not alone — and she probably would enjoy a gift that will keep her sanctuary smelling sweet. This Everlasting Comfort diffuser for essential oils (400ml) releases a relaxing scent for over 13 hours.

P.S.: Gifting perfume is a bold move — and one that can go horribly awry. Women tend to be particular about the scents they wear, so learn what she likes and stick with the tried and true.


The gift of relaxation and stress relief is a godsend, as women tend to focus on others’ needs and neglect self-care. A voucher for a facial, massage, pedicure or other service at her favorite spa is sure to be appreciated. Another option: Turn her own home into a spa retreat with a pampering present like this Knack “A Restful Pause” kit, which includes all-natural, cruelty-free cleansing products.

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