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Promises to myself: Travel

By Paige Heitzmann, vice president/ groups director, Travel Affiliates

Beach aficionado? Romance seeker? Napa Valley girl? Always dreamed of seeing Italy, Iceland, Bora Bora or New Zealand? Make your travel dreams a reality in 2023! Here are five tips for success:

  1. Put your bucket list in writing, and number the destinations by priority. Jot down the “whys” for each location, such as natural beauty, relaxation, adventure, historical significance, childhood memories, etc. Once you complete this task, you have taken a giant step toward making these trips happen.
  2. Savvy travelers research their destinations, and you should start a travel journal or file right now. Do you know the best time of year weatherwise and the off-season prices where you want to go? Snap a picture with your phone when you see images of a beautiful locale while thumbing through a magazine. You can explore the destination online and in books, too.
  3. Cost may seem to be your biggest obstacle, but booking your trip early can greatly affect price. Set up a “travel dreams” account; this may be as simple as putting coins in a bottle labeled “My Journey.” Rather than ordering pizza this weekend, put the money in your travel account. Let the kids save up for the family vacation, too. Don’t let the trip money turn into your rainy-day fund; stay true to the dream.
  4. How about a mini vacation as you work toward your dream trip? While you’re waiting on that Caribbean package, visit a beach nearby. Sample your girls’ getaway with a short stay and spa treatment in a nice hotel. In advance of a family trip, pack a picnic and visit a local park to hike and canoe. This helps maintain your enthusiasm for that trip of your dreams.
  5. Use a travel agent. Professional travel consultants will have knowledge of, and oftentimes personal experience with, your destination — as well as requirements for passports, visas and vaccinations. Plus, they have access to multiple travel companies to get you the best price.

This year, give yourself the gift of travel and enjoy a lifetime of happy memories.

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