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Promises to myself: Investing in yourself

By Jocelyn Gavin Lane, owner and clinical director of Premier Professional Counseling Services LLC

The start of a new year always gives rise to thoughts of a new vision and new goals. Goal setting is more than just a to do-list that we revise daily. Goals and vision are futile without developing a plan and putting in the work to accomplish them.


1. List the ways you want to improve personally and professionally. Create two separate plans for those areas in your life; execute that to the best of your ability. Chose an accountability partner — not a friend, but someone who will hold your feet to the fire.

2. Practice self-care, not just maintenance. Self- care can cost nothing,
as it’s not just spa treatments. It’s sitting alone reading a book, going to therapy, cooking your favorite meals or simply saying “no” to things that aren’t good for you.

3. Prioritize your mental health. I am a firm believer that therapy should be as much a part of your medical regimen as visiting your primary care physician. You will be surprised how comforting it is to let someone help you live your best life mentally and emotionally. Check in with yourself regularly to determine your need for support.

4. We have something to be thankful for every day,
so adopt an attitude of gratitude. When things are not going well, reframe your thoughts to find something good in the situation. I promise there is always a silver lining.

5. Set boundaries.

This is a big one. The power of honest and loving boundaries is priceless. This process helps us to avoid
feelings of resentment, disappointment and anger and helps us take control of our lives. Boundaries are essential for maintaining healthy relationships with others.

I have been hosting vision board and goal-setting events for years, and my conversation always is directed toward what happens after the event. Making your dreams come true takes faith, manifestation and, most importantly,
effort. Success comes with a commitment to making things work despite the circumstances.

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