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My Day: Angelyn Treutel Zeringue

Besides being president of SouthGroup Insurance Services, Angelyn Treutel Zeringue is a devoted wife, mom, daughter and civic-minded local leader. Here’s a peek into her daily routine.


The first thing I do each morning is hit the snooze button; there is nothing better than an extra 15 minutes of sleep. Then, I hit the ground running. After a quick shower, I care for my elderly mom, who lives with us. She is an amazing lady who raised 10 children, and I am honored to care for her in this stage of her life when she needs special attention, medications and support. My wonderful husband already has the coffee brewing to send me off with a hot cup of joe as I run out the door.


I begin each day with prayer. I am abundantly blessed and abundantly thankful. I always want to leave a place or project better than it was.


I choose what to wear on any given day by checking my calendar to see where I need to be and what the weather will be like. Then, I choose an appropriate power suit, business dress or blue jeans, especially if I am out in the country for some nature therapy.


I love what I do! I love helping people all day and working to make our community better and encouraging and mentoring others. I live with my phone and calendar in my hand so I can get more work done and help someone no matter where I am – working at the office, attending a board meeting or chamber ribbon cutting, making a presentation or advising a client.

I am a business owner, CPA, insurance agent, wife, mother and daughter. My days are always filled with something worthwhile to work on, and that is what I love.



I love being surrounded by uplifting music – Christian, love songs and pop songs with a peppy, motivational beat.


Although there’s little time in the workday to watch TV, my favorite programs are educational and nature-focused — “Mysteries of the Museum” and National Geographic. I also enjoy program marathons on the weekends as background for my indoor activities — shows and movies like “Star Wars,” “NCIS,” “Big Bang Theory” or any films featuring Will Smith.


I am always on a diet! For the past six months, I have been reducing my food intake by fasting during the day and only eating dinner. I splurge on Sundays and eat two meals that day. After the first couple of weeks, my body adjusted to the change, and I feel healthier. I also love to dance for exercise – Zumba and line dancing. I belong to the Krewe of Nereids, and all the ladies involved love to dance, too.


My favorite part of the day is finally sitting down in the recliner next to my sweet husband and wonderful mother and talking at the end of the day while enjoying a glass of wine to relax. Of course, within 30 minutes, I realize how exhausted I am, and it’s time to go to the mattress ball. I fall asleep before my head hits the pillow — always a good day!