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Spilling her secrets: Jamie Stevens

Jamie Stevens juggles it all. She and her husband, Kendall, are expecting their fourth child, Liv, in June. First and foremost, she is mama to Wilder (7), Lily James (5), and Sage (18 months). She also is a mortgage loan originator, working full time with The Citizens Bank. She and her husband own two small businesses, Wild Lily Landscaping and Follow My Threads (, an online children’s boutique. She just started her own blog, Mama Drama, and recently was selected to be a guest contributor for Gulf Coast Moms Blog. Here are the products she swears by:



Every year older I get, I realize more and more how important it is to protect my skin in the sun. I only wish I would have listened to this advice sooner! Every time a new self-tanner comes out, I try it but always find myself returning to Fake Bake. It goes on evenly and produces the perfect color. This is a must because everyone looks better with a tan.


Although it originally was purchased for one of my babies, I could not live without it! I sprinkle a little in my hands and rub all around my roots, and it works better than any dry shampoo I’ve ever bought. With my hair being blonde, it lightens up my roots a bit as well, so that is another plus.


You can find this at I cannot say enough about this skin care line. I originally bought “the littles” to test Drunk Elephant’s best-selling products and noticed a difference immediately. My dull skin became hydrated and supple overnight.


My friends would say I am obsessed. My favorite is from @likeabluegirl. It does not matter the season; I love how a hat can instantly add that little something extra to any outfit. For a mom of four (almost), having the time to style and curl my hair … well, those days are over. I’m dressed to impress in a matter of minutes.


I am not a makeup junkie; I barely wear it. However, I cannot live without concealer. Sleep is a luxury I do not necessarily get much of, so dark circles are my worst enemy. I would have told you a year ago that the best concealer came from Tarte Cosmetics, but I recently was introduced to LimeLife — and the eye-brightening concealer is incomparable to anything out there. I really like the foundation pack that has a concealer (with a peach undertone to knock out the darkness), foundation and then the brightener.


My natural hair color is dark and dull, so I love going blonde. Not only is it expensive to keep up — between kids and two full-time jobs,  I do not have the time to go to the salon as often as I should — so this product helps tremendously between colorings.


The brand doesn’t matter, but these are my personal favorite. I do not leave the house without them. They started out in the diaper bag with my firstborn and quickly became a staple item in my purse. Toilet paper shortage? No problem. From wiping a kid’s dirty face or my smeared makeup after a dip in the pool to cleaning something spilled on my shirt, these wipes keep me prepared.