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George Williams admires wife’s talent, loyalty

Men beside successful women

Reflecting on his nearly 30-year marriage, George Williams sees a foundation of mutual respect that has kept it strong.

When he met his wife, Tish Haas Williams, who is executive director of the Hancock County Chamber of Commerce, he was director of tourism for Mississippi, which was hosting the Miss USA pageant. Tish, who studied journalism at the University of Mississippi, was an intern working in the Miss USA press room for the Gulf Coast Host Committee. Seeing how she handled exposure to national media, George recognized he was in the presence of a special woman and was attracted to her beauty and intelligence.

“I believe in her skills and ability to tackle big jobs and conduct those jobs with perfection and expediency,” he says. “My belief and confidence in her ability and hers in me provides mutual enthusiasm in our partnership.”

The pair celebrated 29 years together on June 16 and have raised twin daughters. In that time, George says her success has never made him feel insecure.

“We have always been a team, and we share equally is each other’s success,” he says. “Success for one is success for two!”

Tish is “truly great,” he adds, due to her dedication to her work and her loyalty to the organizations she has worked for. Not only does she believe in their mission, according to her husband, but she has the self-confidence needed to help the organizations she serves thrive and meet their goals.

“She builds a following of believers, and she readily seeks advice from everyone involved,” George says, “which makes for a shared success for everyone.”

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