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Scott Allen loves being his wife’s teammate

Men beside successful women

Being true partners, says Scott Allen of Allen Automotive, makes his marriage thrive.

“We work together on everything,” adds Allen, who has been married to his wife, Andria, for five years. “From the Hyundai dealership to my public speaking, our kids or keeping up around the house, we are always on the same team.”

When the pair met, Andria had just moved home after living in the Washington, D.C., area. Scott was working at a Toyota store at the time and quickly became smitten.

“In walked this beautiful, smart, educated woman, and I knew the Lord made that woman for me …,” Scott says. “It’s not often you meet someone who has so much going for her and still manages to give you butterflies with the slightest look.”

Today, Scott says he and Andria support each other fully and share credit for their successes. For instance, when his wife decided to pursue her master’s in business administration, Scott encouraged her to go to Tulane rather than a more convenient option. That meant driving to class with her and staying in the cafeteria with their newborn.

“I know that she is capable and love watching her tackle problems large and small,” he says. “In a great relationship, you elevate each other.”

In running their automotive business together, Scott describes Andria as finance minded while he’s geared toward marketing. When he’s pitching “the next big idea,” he adds, she serves as the voice of reason.

“From the way she guides our two beautiful daughters to the way she handles me when I’m fired up, she always knows how to handle a situation,” Scott says. “She’s a great balance for me, and vise-versa.”

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