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Enhance your favorite features

by Jackie Merlau |

When you look your best, you feel your best, and when you feel your best, you have the confidence to empower and inspire! Find the features you love most about yourself and learn to enhance them with the power of makeup.



If you love your eye color and you want to make them “pop,” consider the simple technique of color theory. Green eyes are complemented by taupes, purples and golds. Blue eyes look best with brown, peach, gold and plum. Brown eyes stand out with bronzes, coppers and green. Those with hazel eyes should experiment with purples and golds. You can incorporate these colors with an eyeliner or even in your everyday eye shadow.



If you have great skin and love to let it breathe, then do just that. There is no rule saying you have to cover your face in a foundation and powder. Natural skin is in. Continue with your skincare and be sure to apply a daily SPF. Have fun with this look and add a highlighting liquid to the high points of your face to create a dewy fresh finish.



I’m all about a bold, fun lip any day of the year. Choose a color that is complementary to the season and your eye color. If you love your lips but want them to look a bit fuller, you can tap a gloss into the center of your lips. The gloss draws the eye into the center of the lip, which then creates the illusion of fuller lips.



Love your lashes? Find the perfect mascara that you can apply quickly to offer extra volume and/or length. If you’re loving the length of your lashes but crave a bit of volume, apply eyeliner into your lash line to create the appearance of volume. If you’re wanting your lashes to have a bit of length and curl, grab an eyelash curler and softly curl your lashes prior to mascara application.



Invest in a good brow product to fill and shape your brows to your desired intensity. Add a bit of a soft beige eyeshadow or a pop of highlighter right under the arch of your brow to create a strong brow bone. I suggest a brow pencil if you like a soft and natural shape to your brow. A gel works best if you like a darker defined brow.

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