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How I built my business

Jacked Up Coffee Bar perks up downtown Biloxi

I have always looked at entrepreneurship as a goal for my career. I graduated from The University of Southern Mississippi with a bachelor’s in business administration with an emphasis on entrepreneurship. I’ve learned my drive from the absolute best entrepreneur: my dad, Tommy Newman. One of the most valuable lessons I learned from my dad was that everyone has an opinion, and it’s great to get advice, but always go with what you think is best — as it is your shop and your vision.

Dixie Newman, owner of Jacked Up Coffee Bar

I knew whatever I wanted to invest in would have to be sustainable for the area, as well as competitive with big box stores. What could be better than a coffee bar in an area that needed to be revitalized? The only problem was I had never worked in a coffee shop before and had no clue how scientific it all is, but I made it a point to learn. I did know that I wanted a strong and true coffee and barista experience that was not being provided on the Gulf Coast. French Truck coffee from New Orleans was an absolute perfect fit for my vision.

I am a firm believer all things happen for a reason. Everything seemed to fall into place for me with this business, and it was just up to me to do my part to make it work.

Owning my own small business has been no easy task. It’s a new adventure every single day. To be successful, you basically are married to your business. I also am dedicated to being a public servant. Balancing my time and finding employees that I can trust and rely on has been vital.

I love my shop. I have put my all into ensuring we serve the best product, have engaging customer service and offer an enjoyable environment at all times.

My dream is to expand locations to further serve the Mississippi Gulf Coast that I love. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing smiles from happy customers with whipped cream all over their faces.

Dixie Newman is a Biloxi councilwoman and owner/operator of Jacked Up Coffee Bar, located at 999 Howard Ave., Biloxi. Jacked Up can be reached at (228) 207-5361.

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