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And now, a word from our partners

As we turn 25, we are grateful for the businesses and organizations large and small whose support allows us to fulfill our mission. Here’s what some of our longtime advertising partners had to say about their relationship with GCW:

“Robin’s Nest in the Pass congratulates Dorothy Wilson and Gulf Coast Woman magazine on this wonderful milestone of celebrating 25 years in business. Their support of women, particularly women-owned small businesses, is evident in every edition. Thank you, Dorothy, for your guidance and encouragement.”

Dorothy Roberts

Owner, Robin’s Nest in the Pass and Roberts Place Cafe’

“Five years of photographing the extraordinary people chosen to be on the covers of Gulf Coast Woman magazine has been a wonderful journey. Looking back, I’m remembering their stories, experiences and journeys, and how inspirational so many of them were and still are. It’s been an honor and privilege to photograph the cover subjects and to be a part of the GCW team that highlights people with extraordinary stories, talents and gifts that aren’t usually recognized. What a great way to recognize the treasures that are right here on our beautiful Mississippi Gulf Coast! It’s one of the things I love most about GCW.”

Brandi Stage

Owner, Brandi Stage Portraiture

“Team GCW, I would like to thank you for nearly two decades of reliable, friendly and expert service — not only in the promotion of my dental practice through the years, but also the hometown comfort you bring to our Mississippi Gulf Coast. I have seen you grow from a small, limited-circulation hopeful magazine with big dreams to a full-on leader and community staple for South Mississippi and beyond. You’ve been able to capture and project the changing lives of our beautiful Gulf Coast and still maintain your down-home feel. None of this is easy or happens without incredible effort. You certainly deserve our coastal hospitality, and we deserve you!”

Dr. Randy Buntyn

Smile Gulf Coast

“I have been advertising with GCW since 2006. I loved the fact it was a locally owned, woman-based form of media. I have enjoyed witnessing the growth of another small business on the Gulf Coast. As a community, we all depend on each other.”

Rebeca Strickland Cowart

Owner, Panache Apparel and Accessories Inc.

“At Grant’s for Her, we are thrilled to be longtime advertisers with Gulf Coast Woman magazine. It means the world to be included in something in which women collaborate to make the Gulf Coast a better place to live. We’ve enjoyed being on this journey together in a woman-owned, woman-operated space.

As things change and time passes, we want to support our favorites in the print industry. In today’s world, we must work harder and smarter while providing the best customer service — and we admire how Gulf Coast Woman magazine goes out of its way to cater to its advertisers and always is willing to go the extra mile. We look forward to being lifelong partners!”

Sharon Weeks

Owner/Manager, Grant’s for Her LLC

“Gulf Coast Woman is a special publication that gives a voice to women across the Coast. Utilizing subject-matter experts that cater to the needs and interests of women is invaluable to those looking for resources, with shared interests and challenges. They help bring together a tribe. You can always count on GCW to provide the latest and most up-to-date resources to help enrich our lives and those of our families.

This platform has been instrumental in showcasing our facilities and has played a pivotal role in showcasing the providers and services that matter most to women. Its impact on our community, especially when it comes to health, has been significant and is part of the Coast’s culture. If even one person has been inspired or motivated to take control of her health through Gulf Coast Woman, I believe it’s a mission well-accomplished. The leaders, writers and digital and social media experts at GCW are top notch, professional and full of energy, and their insight and belief in their product translates into how well our services are highlighted. Gulf Coast Woman is more than just a publication; it’s a partner in our journey to connect with a valued audience through a timeless medium.”

Angela R. Juzang

Vice president, marketing and communications, Memorial Health System

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