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5 tips to take your outdoor space to the next level

By Skylar Mavar

Summer is meant to be a time for relaxing and enjoying the outdoors, so why not plan your space accordingly? Just like interior rooms, your patio, deck and other outdoor areas can benefit from seasonal sprucing to make them comfortable, welcoming places for family and friends.

Ready to step up your outdoor entertaining game? Here are five tips to get you started.


Whether it be from the rain or the sun, you’re going to want some protection. This can be achieved several ways, but the most popular is a patio cover.

The best thing about them? They can easily be decorated with string lights, plants or other hangable décor.

Alternatives include:

  • Umbrellas
  • Patio Gazebos
  • Awnings
  • Outdoor Curtains
  • Shade Sail



Real or fake, a little greenery can make your patio more vibrant and colorful. Consider adding
a centerpiece succulent to your table or placing taller plants in the corners. See how a hanging plant, such as a tradescantia, can make your patio a little greener.

When properly placed, plant life also can be used to make a patio feel intimate and private. Think vertically with your garden to disguise walls and soften the space. Vertical greenery can free up valuable patio area for some stylish furniture.



What’s the point of decorating a patio if you aren’t comfortable enough to enjoy it? Adding colorful comfort pieces, such as soft cushions for your chairs, benches or lounges, can give your patio that much-needed relaxation factor.

Ways to add comfort include:

  • Throw Pillows
  • Throw Blankets
  • Outdoor Rugs
  • Hammocks


No Southern patio is complete without a fire pit, which provides a year-round, attractive focal point for your outdoor space. It can occupy less visual and physical room while creating a casual and intimate atmosphere.

The best part about a fire pit is its straightforward installation. No venting is needed, which allows greater flexibility in installation and construction costs. Plus, it’s a natural bug repellant.



While it is a necessary factor to comfort, warmth deserves its own category. There are many ways to emotionally warm your patio space. The key to a warm, soothing outdoor space is using little details to create a cozy setting.

With warmth, it’s all about the little things. Here are a few small things that can make your patio feel warmer:

  • Vibrant/patterned cushions
  • Woven or wooden furniture
  • Additional side tables
  • Ambiance candles
  • String lights

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