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The dedicated team behind GCW

Making the magic happen

Much has changed at Gulf Coast Woman over the past 25 years, but our mission has remained constant: to empower, celebrate and inspire you, the amazing women of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. From our print magazine to our social media presence, we exist to showcase women from all walks of life, to inform, to entertain and, above all, to provide the tools and resources to help you achieve your dreams.

That purpose can’t be fulfilled without a committed team who believes deeply in what we do and sees the limitless potential in every woman. Meet the team that drives Gulf Coast Woman:

“When I started Gulf Coast Woman as a home-based business, I could not have imagined where we would be today. It has been such a blessing in my life! I have met the most amazing people and had the privilege to share their stories. I am proud of the magazine’s positive impact on the Gulf Coast community.”

Angela Bruni

Gulf Coast Woman founder

“Working at Gulf Coast Woman Magazine is a source of immense satisfaction for me. I love my role here because it allows me to connect with businesses and organizations that are dedicated to empowering and supporting women. I have the opportunity to help these businesses thrive and reach their target audience while also promoting women’s achievements and stories.

What makes it even more enjoyable is the strong sense of teamwork within GCW. We all share the goal of promoting women’s causes and businesses, and the camaraderie among my colleagues is truly inspiring. The relationships I build with our clients and the positive impact we make on the community make my work incredibly meaningful and fulfilling”.

Sherry Seaman

Director of Business Development

“To be part of Gulf Coast Woman is to be part of a bigger mission. We get to celebrate and empower local women and tell their stories, whether that be about the hardest times they’ve faced or their greatest triumphs and victories. We get to be a part of their lives. That is bigger than all of us! I take this purpose to heart and work passionately each day with this mission in mind.”

Crystal Scretching

Marketing Director

“Every day of my five-plus years at Gulf Coast Woman, I’ve been challenged, inspired and humbled to be involved in something so special. Many remarkable women have entrusted me with their stories, opening up the most vulnerable parts of themselves in hopes of helping and uplifting others. I don’t take that lightly, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the privilege. The resilience and strength I’ve witnessed, and done my best to document, have made a massive impact on my life.

Behind the scenes, this team is the little engine that could, holding nothing back in our efforts to give local women a platform and a voice. Gulf Coast Woman is for and about YOU, and we never lose sight of whom we serve.”

Jennifer Gentile

Associate Editor

“I enjoy working at Gulf Coast Woman, as I love working with a wonderful team of women and meeting other successful women while celebrating them, learning from them and growing from them. I enjoy selling multimedia marketing to my women-focused clients, as women make 85 percent of the household financial decisions. The leaders at Gulf Coast Woman inspire me daily, and I learn from them to be a better person.”

Veronica Ratcliff

Success Strategist

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