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Marketing Moment: Embrace the new, but stay true to yourself

Happy New Year! The word “new” is rejuvenating, hopeful and, for some, daunting.

It brings with it the duty of change, but is change always necessary?

I certainly am not a proponent of holding so tightly to tradition. or the mentality of “that’s how we’ve always done it,” that evolution and transformation aren’t even considered. However, I am an advocate of purposeful shifts.

The management of a personal brand can be held hostage among the landscape of algorithm shifts and technological developments that control how we engage with one another. That is when “happy new” rings in the ear as the highest of oxymorons.


Being in front of the lens can be fun. It also can be an exercise in creating faux perfection as you remove clutter from your camera view, check your teeth for lipstick and scroll through your files to ensure you didn’t wear that shirt in a recent video.

Between the preparation to press that red “record” button and the anticipated criticisms from keyboard warriors that often never materialize, it is easy to craft a less-than-personal brand. If the intention is to show up as bold and brilliant as you are, there must be a goal to remain true to you amid all the newness.


Here are a few questions to consider:

  • Do you love the brand you are creating?
  • Does it feel true to you?
  • Does it allow you full expression of yourself with laughter, creativity and vulnerability?

Mine didn’t, although that wasn’t intentional. That realization was hidden until I scrolled through my content library and took note of what I didn’t post. What I chose to withhold from the newsfeed was revealing. It was funny, quirky and silly, which are not words I would use to describe any of my social profiles. I had created a version of me that was “corporate ready” and partly reflective, but not fully expressive, of my personality.

Honestly, those lighter moments trapped in Google Docs and the photo gallery felt “off-brand,” although they are a part of me. As I debated how to change course, I had a thought very vital to my next steps: “There is no need for consent or approval. The phone is in your hand.”

It also is in yours. Remember, the best is yet to come. Happy New Year!


Written by LaShaundra McCarty

LaShaundra McCarty is chief communication officer, LMc Communications. Learn more and connect with her via or
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