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Spilling her secret: Rebecca Strickland Fairley

Rebecca Strickland Fairley, owner Panache Apparel & Accessories

Born and raised in Gulfport, Rebecca Strickland Fairley has worked in retail since she was 15 years old. Now as the owner of Panache Apparel & Accessories in Gulfport, she loves helping customers find something special. Here, she shares the products she trusts to keep her looking and feeling her best.



I have tried a range of super- expensive salon shampoos and conditioners, but nothing keeps my hair smelling as good as Herbal Essence Argan Oil products, which can be found at most drug stores. They’re long- lasting and smell amazing.


I use Dior show Ionic Overcurl Mascara, and it is by far the best. It doesn’t rub off, doesn’t flake and doesn’t get all over during application. During the pandemic, I couldn’t find this mascara and searched for a backup. I did a study and tried five different mascaras with some stipulations: 1. It had to have a wire-bristle brush, no silicone. 2. The brush had to be curved. 3. It could not be waterproof. The next best I found was IT Cosmetics Superhero, but it rubbed off towards the end of the day.


One thing I have done since I started breaking out as a teenager is use Vitamin E capsules on pimples. Listen very carefully- you don’t just take it orally; you pop the capsule and put some of the oil directly on the zit before bed after you have washed your face. By morning, it’s almost gone, even if it’s under the skin. Trust me, it works!


I am obsessed with Goldwell Ultra Volume Dry Shampoo for those occasional days when my hair needs a pick me up. I always keep at least three cans of this stuff under my sink. It smells good and is the only one my hair responds to.


Well my personal preference is solar nails with pink and white glitter acrylic. However, after eight years, I have developed an allergy to the chemicals in the acrylic. I now am going natural with nothing on my nails just use cuticle oil from a local Gulfport spa.


I don’t like foundation that’s too heavy and looks like I could scrape it off with a shovel. I use MAC Studio fix fluid in a light shade. I like MAC because its products don’t cause me to break out and are always consistent. You have to be careful because some companies periodically change their formulas.


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