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Shaping the perfect brow

By Rachel Bridges

The trend for brows in 2018 was flawlessly sculpted brows with razor-sharp edges, supplemented with makeup for a perfect shape. In 2019, the pendulum is swinging the other direction, as a more natural look is now in style. Boxed-in lines have given way to a look that is still clean, but also slightly feathered and a bit less defined.

This timeless look is definitely one of my favorite styles.


First, seeking a licensed brow professional is highly recommended. They can determine the best shape for your brows based on your brow symmetry and face shape.

There are more options other than the traditional tweezing to shape your brows. If you are not a fan of plucking, try threading, waxing or sugaring.

If you must tweeze between appointments, focus on the strays but stay away from your brow line. (I have confiscated clients’ tweezers before!)

Brow tinting is a great option to add depth and definition to your brows.

If your brows could use a little boost, try using a brow growth serum to help your brows fill in and grow out.

You also can utilize a natural brow pencil or brow gel to shape and fill in where needed.

Rachel Bridges is a licensed esthetician and owner of Bridges Skin + Body, located at 240 Eisenhower Dr., Suite J, in Biloxi. She and her team can be reached at (228) 280-8072 or by booking online at

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