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Time to indulge in some self-care

As recent trials weigh on our shoulders and keep us isolated, this is the perfect time to attend to some self-care. Especially during tough times, doing something strictly for you is very important to mental wellness. As women, we tend to lay aside our own needs to put others first. It’s a good instinct, and we can’t help it. But we proclaim this Self-Care Day! Here’s your starter kit for a day full of rest and relaxation.

1. Netflix and chill

Find the perfect romantic comedy, pop some popcorn pour a tall glass of wine and let your couch do the rest.

2. Have a mini spa day

Pull out your face mask, beauty tools and nail polish, and pamper yourself.

3. Shop online

Finally place that order for the shoes you’ve been eyeing forever. (Trust me, they belong in your closet!)

4. Work out

Exercise can help lower the stress most of us are feeling. Put all your focus into the grind, and let it go.

5. Cook your favorite meal

We all have a favorite meal! Whether it’s something your mom used to cook you when you were small or a new recipe you’ve grown to love, comfort food is called for in this situation.

6. Take a nap

When all else fails, get some rest. Your mind and body will thank you.

7. Read

Get lost in your favorite book — or pick up a new, interesting read that’s been on your list.

8. Learn something

This could be another language or how to make your own jams and jellies — just try your hand at something new.

9. Go for a walk or ride a bike

Social distancing guidelines don’t ban going outside. Take the time to explore and experience your (close) surroundings.

10. Clean and organize

Some may see it as a chore, but others enjoy the process of cleaning and organizing. Regardless, it can give you peace of mind. There is no better feeling than having a freshly cleaned home.

11. Create a vision board

Yes, parts of 2020 have been trying, but let’s show this year that we’re in control of our lives and our futures!

12. Have a backyard picnic

Of all the challenges the Coast has faced lately, the weather hasn’t been one of them. If you have a family, a backyard picnic would be perfect to relax and spend time together — or just enjoy one yourself!

13. Coloring

Yes … coloring. There’s plenty of adult coloring supplies out there, and it’s such a soothing way to ease stress.

14. Listen to a new podcast

Sometimes we just like to listen instead of watch. Podcasts are perfect, relaxing and informative.

15. Rediscover your favorite throwback tunes

There’s nothing like jamming out to the songs that bring back your best memories. Let loose, dance and have fun!

16. Have a group FaceTime call with all your friends

Friends make everything better, and technology lets you see them without leaving your house!

17. YouTube

Binge watch your favorite YouTube channel! Catch up on some of your favorite influencers, critics and others.

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