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Refresh your tired brick for instant curb appeal

By Katie Aime

A simple yet significant renovation homeowners and flippers can make is painting dated exterior brick. Paint for bricks has come a long way, and it’s now available for DIYers at big box stores and local hardware stores near you.

Here’s the steps to ensure a successful project:

• The first step to any exterior project is watching the weather. You’ll want to have roughly five days of fairly clear weather with temperatures below 90 degrees.

• Next, pick your paint color and grab your paint.

• Before dipping your brush in the can, prep the house by pressure washing it yourself or hiring a professional. Contact your local real estate agent for suggestions of companies that perform this service.

• Let the house dry for 24 to 48 hours. After it’s dry, tape off doors, windows and trim.

• Now you’re ready to start spraying or hand rolling your brick walls. Even if you spray, you’ll probably need to return with your brush and use a heavy amount of paint to fill in all the little crevices the sprayer didn’t reach. I’d also recommend two coats of paint to get the even look and color you’re aiming for.

It’s just that easy! With a little hard work prepping your home, your place will be the envy of the block in just one week. If you’re done and still have the energy, time and budget, most Realtors would highly recommend a few more tips for curb appeal:

• While you have the paintbrush handy, coat your shutters and door with some fresh color, add a few new plants, change out old plants and make your mailbox as fresh as the rest of your house. If you’re considering selling, buyers will be so impressed with the outside that they won’t want to miss out on what awaits them inside.

Best of luck on any home project you undertake! Feel free to e-mail your before and after photos to; I’d love to follow your progress.

Aime is a realtor and associate broker with HL Raymond Properties LLC. Contact her at (228) 466-6643 or

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