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Abby and Shane’s Transformation Story


Shane and I have always been overweight. We have struggled through years of keto, intermittent fasting, calorie counting, macro counting, etc. We have lost weight, then gained it back plus more. Together, we were at our heaviest in January.

Our reason for changing our lifestyle was our children. Our boys, Ben (5) and Teddy (2), deserve healthy parents. We have many years of baseball, soccer and football in our future. We had to get in shape to keep up with our children. They are our “why.”


Initially, our goal was weight loss. We never dreamed we would have these results. In early February, we decided to give a new program a try. Without knowing what was coming in the next few months (quarantine, layoffs, school closures), we started the week of Mardi Gras. We thought if we could get through Mardi Gras while adhering to the program, we could get through anything. We had no idea what was in store for us in the coming days.


Shane and I were assigned a coach who required us to be in touch every day. Along with that accountability, we had once-a-week check-in meetings with our coaches. Our coaches started by using a Fit3D body scan to get our baseline measurements and general body shape stats.

With a grocery list and simple recipes to follow, we found we had a lot of options for snacks and meals. We meal prepped, recipe tested and kicked a lot of bad habits out the door. It felt good to say no to junk!


The habits we formed on day one are with us on day 135. Shane and I now know healthy portion sizes and smart choices for meals. We saw results immediately and were so surprised at our first weigh-in on day 30. Our Fit3D body scan showed body fat lost, inches lost and weight loss in just one month. We found it easy to stick with the program when we were seeing this kind of progress.

Our lifestyle program is designed for sustainable weight loss. What it gave us was our lives back; the weight loss was an added bonus. We are active. We are energized. We are off medications and seeing benefits in every aspect of our lives and marriage. We can keep up with our children and make healthy choices anywhere we go.

We are on day 135 and wearing sizes we’ve never worn before. Shane is down a combined 121 pounds and inches. I am down a combined 80 pounds and inches. Almost every day, we look at each other and say “wow!”

I attribute our success to doing it together as a couple. We meal prep weekly and have found a rhythm for easily maneuvering our way through the work week and weekend while staying on track. Being accountable to each other, as well as our coaches, was key in our journey.


Three weeks into our lifestyle change, the country entered lockdown, and Shane and I both were laid off temporarily. Next, our children’s preschool closed, and grocery items were hard to find. We managed to sustain a constant weight loss during the most stressful time in our lives as a married couple.


I can say that stress eating is a thing of my past. I broke that habit and never want to go back. I was a huge skeptic of things like “one-on-one” coaching” and eating plans that promised large results.

I am so happy that Shane and I took the first step with our coaches. We have a lot of respect for this lifestyle program that has taught us how to live better, feel better and be a better version of ourselves for our reasons “why.

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