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Are you willing to pay the price to get top dollar?

Understanding market conditions is always the first obstacle in selling a home. Realtors® do not set the price of a home. Real estate professionals, agents and appraisers share a database of information that only they can access. From this information, they can create a comparative market analysis or an appraisal that demonstrates what the housing market will tolerate. The databases consist of homes that are currently on the market and the historical data of past sales.

Along with this information, an experienced agent will be able to discuss other events that may have an impact on the value and the length of time it takes your home to sell. Keep in mind that elections and interest rates, as well as local, state and federal policy, can impact value and days on the market. Living on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, we are all too familiar with Mother Nature; she, too, can be an important variable.

Emotional detachment is the next most important place to focus. Buyers do not care that your home is a story of who you are and a collection of the things you love. Buyers are looking to start a story of their own. Instead of trying to sell someone your story, focus on getting the home ready so they can see themselves living there. When getting your home show ready, the three most important steps are to de-clutter, depersonalize and deep clean.

While it is important to disclose any repairs and upgrades you have made to the property, remember the value of a home is not determined by the dollar value of the upgrades you have completed. Nobody likes to stand out from the crowd more than I do, but remember — neutral sells. We tend to customize with paint color, flooring choices and architectural style, which can create obstacles for consumers and narrow the pool of interested, qualified buyers. Think long and hard before customizing for the sake of customizing.

Finally, lets talk about inconvenience. Selling a home is like making sausage — it can get messy, but the end result is amazing! You must keep the end in mind when someone calls you at the last minute to show or cancels a showing. Life and people are unpredictable. However, I honestly can say it has been my experience that it is rare for someone to intentionally stand someone up. Remember we live in a world of instant gratification, and people want what they want when they want it. Buyers could have been shopping online for months before venturing out. They have set their criteria, looked at everything available to them and chosen your home to walk through. Here is your chance! Be ready to show at a moments notice, and learn to breathe through the challenges that may arise.

Top dollar is possible in any market if you are willing to pay the price. For more information regarding what to expect when selling your home, contact Latter & Blum Shaw Properties. We will be happy to email you a checklist.

Shaw is broker/owner with Latter & Blum Shaw Properties, located at 777 Watkins Ave., Gulfport. Reach her at (228) 896- 6060 or at

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