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Make a statement in your space with area rugs

By Debbie Batia

Area rugs always have had a prominent place in homes and office spaces, whether for their practical function of protecting floors or for aesthetic reasons. Of course, we all know and remember our grandmothers’ beautiful area rugs that kept her wood floors in great condition and provided warmth throughout the winter. 

Over the years, rug trends have evolved so much that everyone now wants them in every room or outdoor area. Many types and styles of area rugs are available, from handmade pieces to machine-made and traditional to contemporary. 

Handmade rugs are beautiful and tend to be more expensive. Many machine-made rugs are also incredibly beautiful and can come in any style, shape or price point. A variety of indoor/outdoor area rugs are available that are great for sunrooms, entryways, outdoor porches and patios and even kids’ rooms and family rooms that may see lots of traffic and spilled drinks, etc. 

Area rugs come in all sizes, from what we call “prayer rug” size, which can be 2 feet by 3 feet or smaller, up to “mansion room size,” which is up to 12 feet by 15 feet or larger. Normally these larger sizes are available in more of the higher-end area rugs, which can get quite expensive depending on the type of material the rug is made from and the design.

The more elaborate the design, especially if the rug is handmade, the more expensive it may be. In handmade rugs, the design and price usually are determined by the quality of the material, such as silk or New Zealand wool. The knots per square inch really show the quality of handmade rugs. The more knots per square inch, the more expensive the rug will be, and usually the more dense and more beautiful the design. Contemporary area rugs also can be expensive and have many price levels depending on the plushness of the rugs, the material they’re made from and the design. 

No matter your preferences or budget, make sure you are purchasing an area rug from a reputable store or dealer that is versed in quality rugs, can explain their attributes and show you many options for your home or office areas. 

Colors and designs run the gamut. The standard rugs we’re all familiar with have evolved into the most beautiful motifs and colorations that are totally updated and easy to incorporate into any design scheme. You have hundreds, if not thousands, of options to choose from when picking out an area rug for your room, so when shopping for one, it’s wise to start with a solid idea of the size you need and style you’re looking for. 

Again, if you shop at a local store or rug dealer, you will always get the best quality and product for your investment. Some of the better vendors that can supply to most furnishing and flooring retailers include Karastan, Jaunty Rug Company, Nourison Area Rugs, Capel Area Rugs and Kaleen Area Rugs, just to name a few. Do your homework and research your choices, and you can’t go wrong.

Debbie Batia is owner of D.Batia Interiors LLC in Biloxi. Reach her at (228) 385-2657 or

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