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Make a splash!

At one time, backsplash was purely practical, and its sole purpose was to protect walls from messes. Today, we treat backsplash as the essential design element it is. Whether you’re looking to update your kitchen or give it more character, backsplash is a relatively simple, inexpensive investment that can make a dramatic difference. 

Need help choosing the right backsplash for your space? The experts at Baudier’s Flooring have shared some of their favorite looks.

Calacata gold 2” hexagon tile by MSI: This option gives the room a chic atmosphere. The honeycomb look is elegant, as is the white marble blend with gold and grays. This product could be displayed as a backsplash, floor or countertop.

CARRARA WILLOW by Anthology: The matte finish over a marble look gives off a very classic, timeless design.

FRENCH QUARTER tile by Happy Floors: It comes in four colors: Orleans, Chartres, Bienville, and Toulouse. It also comes in three sizes: 3-by-10, 12-by- 24 or 2-by-2. It is a glazed porcelain that resembles the old French Quarter brick design and is great for indoors and outdoors. 

GRECIAN WHITE ARABESQUE by MSI: This is a luxurious arabesque, yet still subtle, so it blends smoothly with any other styles you may incorporate with it. 

MARLOW TILE BY ANATOLIA: It comes in six subtle, light colors: cloud, mist, smoke, desert, earth and tide. The ripple look gives the finished product texture. to bring out a different style from traditional subway tile.

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