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Lifting lids, restoring confidence

Gulfport-based doctor helps patients see, look and feel better

If the eyes are windows to the soul, think of Dr. Margaret E. Phillips as a window frame expert. 

The area around the eyes is a problem zone for many people, whether due to aging, medical conditions or other concerns. As a physician and owner of Restore Oculoplastics Gulf Coast, Phillips specializes in reconstructive and cosmetic eyelid surgery, along with minimally invasive facial rejuvenation. 

“I have had many months to think on my passion, as I slowly started my practice during the pandemic,” Phillips says. “(I’m motivated by) my love of working with people, whether offering someone relief from a droopy or saggy eyelid or reconstructing an eyelid after a cancer excision, and knowing I am using my gifts to help them feel, look or see better.” 

The Mobile native always has been drawn to the sciences and recognized medicine as her calling in college. She wasn’t exposed to oculoplastic surgery until late in medical school and quickly fell in love with the specialty’s attention to detail. 

After practicing in Houston for many years at the University of Texas Health Science Center, Phillips relocated to Mississippi to be closer to family. She connected with the Coast and found a tremendous local demand for someone with her skillset.

Dr. Margaret E. Phillips

“Prior to starting my practice here, patients would drive to see me from the Mississippi Gulf Coast to Hattiesburg,” Phillips says. “By relocating to Gulfport full time, I was able to fill a vital need in the community as an oculoplastic surgeon while also maintaining a close proximity to family.” 

She started seeing patients in Gulfport last July and has now moved into her permanent office at 8980 Lorraine Road, Gulfport. 

Some of the most common procedures she performs are upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasties, which involve removing extra skin and contouring the lid to remove fullness or saggy skin caused by age or sun exposure. Her expertise also extends to Botox injections and filler injections to the eyelids, cheeks and lips, as well as cosmetic and reconstructive procedures around the eyelids, eye sockets and tear ducts. 

Clients for cosmetic procedures range in age from 30s to 80s, Phillips says, adding, “Many want less wrinkles around their eyes or forehead and desire volume restored to areas where it has been lost.” A patient’s relationship with Phillips starts with a consultation, and she focuses on each individual’s areas of concern and how best to address them. 

Eyelid surgery is “not cookie cutter,” the doctor explains, and each procedure is tailored to each patient’s needs and target outcome. 

“My goal for each client is for him or her to leave the office after the procedure knowing that they look their best without looking overdone or different …,” she says. “Providing the best aesthetic outcome for a patient, while also protecting the underlying eye, is my priority.” 

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Before you go under the knife or get those injections, Dr. Phillips suggests asking yourself these questions: 

• What is your goal for the procedure? Is it achievable with the surgery you are requesting? 

• Do you have the downtime to allow yourself to recover? This is key to a successful and quicker recovery. 

• Do you feel comfortable with the surgeon and his or her plan? Do you feel your concerns were addressed during the consultation?

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