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Learn from your favorite millionaire

by Stephanie Barnes//

How can you become a millionaire if you have never met one? Certainly, it is possible, but it is great to learn from people who have achieved what you want to achieve. I don’t know about you, but I would LOVE to be a millionaire … a billionaire even! I had a great opportunity to speak at and attend the Billionaire Roundtable in Las Vegas last year as part of the Fabulous 5 Speaking Tour hosted by Women of Wealth Magazine. I got to hear wisdom from the first African-American billionaire, Janice Bryant Howroyd; J. Martin Alexander, CEO of FUBU; Dr. Jeffery Magee, best-selling author; and Real Estate Mogul, Eric Forest. It was a great opportunity to be up close and personal with people who have achieved great accomplishments in their industries. Being there was not only a treat, but a great example of how important it is to develop strategies for your personal success by learning from the best.

Anybody can meet a millionaire, or whatever your dream position is! We are incredibly blessed to have access to the lives and experiences of successful people every day. There are three major ways you can “meet” and learn from your favorite millionaire!


Did you know that Warren Buffett is in my circle of influence? Well, not really, but he is one of my virtual mentors. I read one of his biographies years ago and learned so much from the financial wizard. I continue to read articles about him that give me insight into how he has built his career. Most of the influential and successful people that you admire have a biography. You can read about their experiences and learn how to adapt them for your own success strategies. In addition to incorporating regular professional development reading into your daily habits, it is important to read about the people that have achieved what you wish to achieve!


Do you know that there are 421,000 videos on YouTube on Warren Buffett? Really! There are! One of my favorite things to do is watch or listen to interviews conducted by my favorite millionaires! I listen to them during my workouts or while I am cooking dinner or just want some “company” during a long drive. It is incredibly important to make efficient use of your time to learn as much as you can.


Now you may never bid on the annual charity lunch with Warren Buffett — it went for $3,456,789 this year — but, you can get access to many private access events where millionaires are invited to speak on panels and do live interviews. Some of the more intimate settings may have exclusive access, but if you build networks with the people and organizations that host events featuring your favorite person of interest, you can learn how to gain access. You can begin by searching event websites, such as Eventbrite, under the appearances or networking section and find out who is being hosted in your city. Don’t be afraid to travel to other cities where events are held.

Ultimately, success is based on who you know — or who you know about. Be creative in gaining access to your virtual mentors.

Stephanie D. Barnes is an attorney, author, speaker and career strategist. For more info, visit or reach her at

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