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Sharing sweetness with the world

How Katrina L. Long-Currie started her business

As the founder of I AM Candy and Things, LLC, I have embarked on a journey that, like any entrepreneurial venture, is shaped by a blend of inspiration, dedication and community spirit. Here’s the story of how I transformed a simple act of kindness into a thriving business.

My journey began with a deep desire to serve others. I was inspired by my grandparents, Aristed and Marie, who instilled in me the values of faith, family and community. They believed in uplifting people in various ways, and those core values became a part of who I am. When I noticed people facing challenges, such as missing church, dealing with illness or experiencing a loss of joy, I decided to use my talent for making pralines, pies and treats to lift their spirits. I wanted them to know they were not alone and that someone was thinking of and praying for them.

This act of kindness quickly gained recognition, and people started requesting my treats. It was then that I had a life-changing dream. In that dream, I received a divine message – a faith promise. I was reassured that the Great “I AM” would be with me on this journey and that I was meant to honor the legacy and values of my grandparents, whose initials, “AM,” became an integral part of my business name: I AM Candy and Things LLC.

Starting a business can be overwhelming, but here are some practical lessons I’ve learned along the way:

  • Follow your heart: Begin with a genuine desire to serve and uplift others. Let your passions and values be your business’s foundation.
  • Recognize opportunities: Pay attention to the moments when others appreciate your products or services. These are the seeds of your business’s growth.
  • Embrace faith and persevere: Entrepreneurship can be challenging. Trust in your vision and believe in yourself and your abilities. Challenges will come, but faith will see you through.
  • Plan and prepare: Create a solid business plan that outlines your goals, target audience and financial projections. Having a roadmap will help you navigate the path to success.
  • Collaborate: Partner with those who share your vision and values. Nurture your partnerships, and seek support from your community.

My journey from a heartfelt desire to serve to owning a successful gourmet pralines company is a testament to the power of faith, community and a genuine commitment to making a positive impact.

So, if you’re contemplating starting your own business, remember that it all begins with a simple idea and a passion for serving others. Have faith in your journey, plan meticulously and embrace the support of your community. Just as my faith promise reassured me, know that the “Great I AM” will be with you, guiding your way. Cheers to your entrepreneurial adventure, and always remember to share the sweetness of your success with the world.

Katrina L. Long-Currie is the founder of I AM Candy and Things LLC, which has an online presence at and also can be found at Delo’s Heavenly House of Coffee LLC in Gautier. Reach her at

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