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How I started my business: Leigha Malone

In June 2020, I started my boutique estate planning and business law practice with the mission of bringing innovative, creative and proactive legal counsel to coastal Mississippi. After extensively researching firms on the Gulf Coast, I realized that most lawyers offered services based on antiquated models and high overhead costs. This usually meant poor client engagement and higher fees. 

I was confident I had something to offer — an entrepreneurial mindset. I couldn’t find the right seat at the right table, so I rolled up my sleeves and built my own. 

I knew if I wanted the perfect job, I’d have to create it from scratch. With a huge helping of grit, a dash of flexibility and a pinch of passion, I’ve created the foundation for a rewarding career. 

While autonomy is extremely rewarding, this independence is not without a price tag. As a true solo business owner, I am a bookkeeper, notary, PR specialist, graphic designer, paralegal and receptionist. 

The world is changing, and many law firms refuse to adapt and embrace evolving client lifestyles and technological innovations. I embrace technology as a tool to help serve my clients more efficiently while delivering exceptional work at a cost-effective investment. I offer virtual consultations, secure electronic documents and e-payment options. Before launching, I spent countless hours researching solutions to provide intuitive and streamlined services to clients. 

I pride myself on providing personalized and tailored estate planning, business law counsel and entity formation services for individuals, families, entrepreneurs, small businesses and creatives. Many of my services can be handled remotely, and I am willing to meet with clients outside of normal business hours. I want to be as creative and innovative as the clients I serve. My ultimate goal is for my clients to walk away thinking, “I love my lawyer.” 


  1. Ignore those who say you can’t. 
  2. Plan ahead. Draft your business plan and marketing strategy and build a small savings. It may be months before you start seeing a real financial return. 
  3. Pick a niche — and pick the right one. Performing a market analysis is key. Don’t offer a dozen mediocre services. Choose one or two areas where you can provide tailored and innovative solutions. 
  4. Be nice and make friends. Creating lasting and authentic relationships with others in your professional field is vital to your success. 
  5. Build a high quality, engaging and informative website immediately. 
  6. Imposter syndrome is a liar. Focus your energy on your work product, client-engagement and continuing your professional development, and ignore the inevitable self-doubt. 

Jumping into the deep end (a.k.a. entrepreneurship) requires you to bet on yourself. Every mistake is a learning opportunity to grow your business, streamline your processes and increase your knowledge of your field. 

Leigha Malone is the managing attorney and owner of The Law Office of Leigha Malone PLLC on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and can be reached at (228) 297-1238. 

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