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How I built my business: Gorjus Accessories

By Ty Moore

Becoming an entrepreneur has been a lifelong dream. I started in the fashion industry as a model for various genres, including runway, catalog, commercials and promotions. My eye for fashion grew over the years, and styling became a great way to uplift other women and young girls. Empowering others to feel confident by being the best version of themselves evolved into a passion.

Gorjus Accessories started as an online boutique in 2011, selling women’s jewelry and accessories. While managing my business, I continued to work full time while completing a bachelor of science degree in business management and marketing. Although I was working in my field, my professional life was unfulfilling. In that season, I realized corporate America was not for me, and entrepreneurship was my road to happiness.

After a few more years of soul searching, I decided to channel all my energy and resources into Gorjus Accessories. I took a massive leap of faith and resigned from my 9-to-5 job in November 2019. Gorjus Accessories opened its first storefront on Nov. 15, and we offer a selection of women’s fashion and accessories. Although it has been the most challenging decision of my life, I wake up every day knowing I can fulfill my dreams and inspire others.

I encourage future business owners to find their God-given talents. We all have gifts, and it’s up to every entrepreneur to know what makes her unique. Owning a business is not as easy as it looks, and finding your passion will motivate you to keep striving. It is essential to surround yourself with like-minded people who offer genuine support. So much comes with running a business that you won’t be able to complete every task alone; having a great team is a must.

It’s also very important to find a genuine mentor, who is or has been in your industry, and a great accountant. Business mentors can help with growing your business over time. An accountant can provide sound advice regarding financial decisions. To ensure success, gather as much research as possible and study your potential clientele.

Aspiring business owners should anticipate spending hours searching for the best products and marketing strategies and learning about their target audience. Anticipating your customers’ needs will sustain your business for many years to come. Anyone with dreams of becoming an entrepreneur should follow their dreams, execute a plan and go for it because if not, you’ll never know your full potential. Lastly, NEVER give up.

Ty Moore is the owner/operator of Gorjus Accessories of Gulfport. She can be reached at