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Expectation management: The missing link


by Stephanie Shaw

There is nothing I enjoy more than heading home after a productive day at the office, playing ball with Squiggles, my miniature dachshund, and turning on HGTV.

While HGTV has helped to draw our attention to current trends in decorating, paint colors and the current rage of tiny houses, watching shows like these can sometimes create unreasonable and unrealistic expectations for the consumer buying or selling a home.

I have found the key to a successful transaction is communication. I intentionally keep track of the challenges that both the agents and consumers face. Over the years I have created a list of things to expect when buying or selling a home.

A couple of things you need to be aware of when purchasing a home:

  • DO NOT change of quit your job!
  • DO NOT pretend you know what you are doing! If you are a first-time home buyer, share that with your agent. Do not be ashamed or embarrassed that you do not understand the process that is what we are trained for.
  • P.S. Ask the agent what their level of experience is as well.
  • DO NOT go on social media talking about the properties you have seen, it can hurt your negotiation position or a seller’s feelings.

A couple of things to understand when you are selling your home:

  • DO NOT expect feedback from a buyer’s agent, their obligation is to the buyer and they should not share anything that compromises the negotiation position of their client.
  • Understand that agents and buyers are human. They are going to schedule appointments and fail to show up; they are going to run late; they are going to show up early!
  • When you receive an offer on your property, focus on what you can do rather than the fact that is not exactly what you want.

I cannot stress enough the importance of spending the extra time up front with your agent doing a buyer or seller counseling session. This time will help you build rapport with your agent and understand the process and the possible pitfalls. When you add great communication and process knowledge to price, location and condition, everyone’s expectation are not only met but exceeded.

Stephanie Shaw is broker/owner of Latter & Blum Shaw Properties 777 Watkins Ave., Gulfport, MS 39507. Reach her at (228) 896-6060 or (228) 860-5245.

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