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Design your legacy in your unique space

by Billie Comeaux

We are fortunate to live in an area where our heritage is unique. From seafood to dragonflies to shotgun houses, the South gives us many options to incorporate its history into our homes. Studying your heritage can be an interesting way to begin.

There are many layers that can have such an enormous impact in creating your unique design, from throw pillows on your sofa with an alligator or a Southern theme, to crab, crawfish, shrimp and oyster art over your favorite chair. Take your time planning and have fun with the details.

Use ideas that will bring your family legacy to reality. Vinyl quotes are available on the internet and can encourage a goal you wish to accomplish personally or it may be a very moving to those who read it. Choose a quote that is a positive influence or life changing.

There is a story of a soldier returning from the battlefield who tells of the empowerment in his daily survival by reflecting on a quote that was artistically painted on the wall in the family dining room.

Billie Comeaux is CEO and corporate designer for American Factory Direct Furniture Outlets.

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