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Dawn Lieck’s Story


Before my health transformation, I was running on empty every day. I was exhausted, with no energy or motivation to do anything beyond what I absolutely had to. I’ve always been a confident person, but that had slipped away as well. I really didn’t like myself anymore. I had low self-esteem, was unable to focus and basically was a shell of who I once was.

I assessed my life as a whole and knew immediately that I had to start with improving my health so that I could go on to accomplish other goals I had dreamed about. Having had weight issues since childhood, I’ve tried just about every “diet” that’s come out. I’d lose the weight only to gain it all back and then some shortly thereafter.


This time, I did my homework and looked for a plan that was going to be a health plan versus another “diet.” I wanted to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle so that once I reach my goal, I’ll be able to maintain my weight because I’ll have the knowledge to make healthy decisions. The plan I chose also includes a health coach, which has been pivotal to my success. Support is key on any major life change or endeavor.

My daily intake is based on low carbs and low sugar. I eat six times a day, which includes meal replacements and actual meals — no pills or crazy, awful drinks. I get in approximately 100 ounces of water a day and 30 minutes of movement, whether it’s exercise or walking. I have lost 61 pounds in 23 weeks! To be honest, the hardest part about my transformation was making the decision to start.


We think if we can’t eat whatever we want whenever we want, we won’t be able to enjoy our lives. This is so far from the truth. When you learn to live a healthy lifestyle, you will not feel deprived of anything. Your “why” you want to be healthy far outweighs that momentary satisfaction of eating that cake. Yes, of course there will be times that you have that piece of cake, and that’s OK as long as you’re making a conscious decision about your actions.


I can’t express enough how fantastic I feel, physically and mentally. The brain fog has lifted. I can focus, my energy has returned tenfold, and my confidence level is through the roof. I’m back to my true self and living my best life, so much so that I have made the decision to become a health coach myself so I can help my friends and family enjoy the success that I have experienced.


My advice is this: Just start. Small steps very soon turn into strides as long as you keep going in the direction of the prize — and the prize is you. Write out a plan for your goals; your “why” will become more clear once it’s written. Find support for your journey, and don’t go it alone. You’ll never finish if you never start.

Most importantly, you matter. You are important. You are beautiful. Commit to yourself and living your best life!

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