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Create a relaxing at-home spa

by Adrienne Elliott, Elliott Homes LLC


The bathroom has not only become a most popular spot for that workout selfie or fab ensemble pic, it also has grown to become our own sanctuary. The perfect at-home spa can be easily achieved by adding affordable design and style elements. Selecting soft and neutral colors instantly create an inviting escape to start your pamper session.

There is truly something to be said about an all white or off white palette that is enhanced by my top five spa bath must haves. First, what is absolutely achievable and available to all are thick, soft, fluffy towels in white. Seeing white towels neatly arranged creates such a clean and fresh feel. Too often we forget about the prime and vacant real estate of walls within our bathroom.

This brings me to my second must — artwork. Add pieces that inspire while you are pampering yourself by relaxing in your at-home spa. This is your chance to truly personalize this space.

As you stare deeply into these art pieces and drift away into your thoughts, you might appreciate having my third must. Engage your senses with a scent you love. For me, I am obsessed with unique wooden trays and a spoon filled with bath salts that engage my senses as soon as I walk into my bathroom.

My No. 4 must is a bath tray. Think outside of the box here: In our home you will find an antique dough bowl as our tray with luxurious all natural lotion and bath salts with a soft linen towel to end the pamper sesh.

The fifth element is adding something living. Now, my green thumb is definitely lacking, however, adding beautiful and simple succulents to a bathroom is one of the easiest things to keep alive. I would suggest adding them in unique pottery at different heights to soften the look and add that final spa-like element.

Now it’s time to dim the lights, play your favorite song and indulge yourself. You deserve it.

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