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Celebrating sisterhood

Women changing the world starts with supporting, uplifting each other

Whether they are bonded by circumstance or related by blood, sisters have a special connection. They share laughs and tears, and although they sometimes disagree, they can always count on each other. 

National Sister’s Day, observed the first Sunday in August, celebrates this unique relationship — but you don’t need a biological sibling to appreciate sisterhood. Women entrepreneurs and professionals wouldn’t get far without the backing of their fellow females. 

Here, two of the Coast’s leading authorities on professional sisterhood discuss why collaborating, uplifting and supporting one another is essential to our success.

Professional sisterhood is what gets me through the day. I belong to three local ladies’ groups and am a board member for two of them: LikeMinded Ladies Gulf Coast and Women of Wisdom. These groups help me personally and professionally, and without them, I don’t know where I would be today. 

I feel the more women you meet, the better. The biggest way we can collaborate with and support each other is by spreading the word. I have made so many business contacts through the ladies’ groups I belong to, from my insurance agent to my mortgage broker. When you meet and connect with someone, you must share that positive experience and pass it on. In each of these groups, it’s all about networking. 

LikeMinded Ladies is a network of women passionate about inspiring others and being motivated in return. Our members meet once a month at various locations, where we network, get informed through a speaker series, support one another personally and professionally and focus on giving back to the community. 

Through it all, we vent, brainstorm and escape the daily mayhem of work, family and life’s stresses. LikeMinded Ladies draws together hard-working, talented women from all walks of life, who enjoy the open-minded experience they get from their involvement. 

Our members are professionals, stay-at-home moms, entrepreneurs, grandmothers, business leaders and others. Some are married, others single. In short, we are women who support our families and each other, and we work together to create a better community. 

Bridget Turan 

Membership chair, LikeMinded Ladies Gulf Coast

Sisterhood is all about connections. Whether you are sisters by blood or connected by heart, there is so much beauty in sisterhood. It is important to God that we are connected and not isolated. Ecclesiastes 4:12 says, “Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not easily broken.” 

Sister connections can represent new doors and new seasons in our lives. It is important to recognize these connections because they may have a destiny assignment attached to them. 

Remember the story of Ruth and Naomi. If Ruth would have left Naomi during the rough times, she never would have met her Boaz. There is no way Ruth could have predicted where her life would take her without God divinely connecting her to Naomi. Ruth had to recognize the benefits of remaining with Naomi instead of returning to the familiar. Ruth made a covenant to remain with Naomi, and Ruth’s loyalty was rewarded by marriage to a rich, eligible bachelor named Boaz. What a story of sister connection! 

We understand that connections help fulfill what God has ordained, and we must be intentional — collaborating and linking arms with wise sisters so we may become wiser. Sisters are a source of wisdom, encouragement and support. The bond between sisters is simply unbreakable! 

I am blessed that God trusted me to establish a marketplace women’s ministry, WOW, in 1999. Our slogan: “Connect with us; You’ll fit right in!” We still are going strong today, and these sister connections are priceless. 

These connections have never been more vital for all of us. In this tumultuous world, the adversary would love for us to be critical of one another and create division by focusing on our differences. However, the truth is that God desires us to love, encourage and support each other in spite of our differences. 

Who has God put in your path to learn from or to mentor? Who’s your Naomi? Whose Naomi are you called to be? Sister connections are priceless! 

Robin Killeen 

Founder of WOW (Women of Wisdom)

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