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Blooming beautiful

Try these top floral trends to give your wedding the “wow” factor

By Martha Whitney Butler

Whether you’re going for grand opulence or a sweet, simple vibe, the flowers you choose go a long way toward setting the mood of your event. Here are some of the top trends when it comes to wedding florals.


A mono floral bouquet is an elegant accessory for any bride. Photographer: Jessie Newton Photography; Bride: Karley Young

The solid-white-rose bouquet is making a comeback! Whether they are staggered and loosely arranged for an elongated, elegant look, or rounded into a rich, pavé shape, mono-floral bouquets are one of the hottest trends. They’re a modern twist on a classic, and they pair well with every shape of dress.


Locally grown flowers, like these from La Terre Farms, are a sustainable option for any event, cutting down on a lot of waste and byproduct.

Local flowers, repurposed centerpieces and donated post-wedding florals are all wonderful examples of sustainable wedding practices. Ask your floral designer how you can have a more sustainable wedding and how you can curb waste. In some cases, ceremony pieces can be reused in areas of the reception to create an even richer look. Also, consider asking what you can do with the leftover flowers from your wedding. Couples often opt for the florist to donate them to a nursing home or other worthy cause. Make sure to discuss this option and see how your flowers can bring joy to others after your event.


Free-form designs are a beautiful touch to any tablescape.

Arrangements and centerpieces come in all shapes and sizes. One of the most delicate and elegant looks is the free-form design. This aesthetic can be applied in every area, from the bouquet to the tables. Don’t forget to highlight those smaller tables and spaces with one of these unique designs. They are interesting and beautiful, giving space to each flower’s botanical uniqueness. This style of arrangement invites conversation among your guests and lends a light, airy look to your tablescapes.


The cost for wedding flowers varies, but the U.S. average is around $1,500, with most couples spending between $700 and $2,500, according to Butler stresses that financial planning is paramount when it comes to large events, including florals.

“Many brides are shocked at the costs of certain services, so talk to your vendors openly about your budget and expectations to make sure they match,” she advises. “Allow yourself time to plan and save for your dream event. Explore options with your vendors, and go into meetings prepared with the knowledge of what you would like to prioritize.”

For heavy floral looks, she recommends 15-25 percent of the overall budget, and 10-20 percent for a typical floral setup.

Martha Whitney Butler is owner and floral designer of The French Potager LLC in Bay St. Louis. Reach her at (228) 364-3091 or

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