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Sugaring NYC offers sweet alternative to waxing

Historians trace the practice of hair removal back to ancient Egypt, where it started with simple tweezers and pumice stones before evolving into a sugaring technique that hasn’t changed much over millennia.

The original paste, believed to have been made from a honey mixture known as “mourn,” may even have been used by Cleopatra. The modern iteration of sugaring, which uses just sugar, water and lemon juice, is surging in popularity as an all-natural, less painful alternative to waxing.

The trend has now taken hold locally with the arrival of Sugaring NYC – Gulfport – Mississippi.

“Based on just the few weeks we have been open, we have been wildly welcomed by the Gulf Coast community,” says Rachel Ivy, Sugaring NYC – Mississippi regional manager and Sugaring NYC – Gulfport salon manager. “We believe our Gulfport salon, conveniently located on Lorraine Road, will become most popular among the health-conscious population.”


The Gulfport salon is the second Sugaring NYC store in Mississippi, with the other located in Southaven. The franchise started in 2014 with Daria and Dmytri Afanaseva, who came to New York from Europe and found no healthy hair-removal options that worked for Daria’s sensitive skin. They opened their own salon, and today, there are more than 100 Sugaring NYC locations throughout the U.S.

Ivy came to work for the owners of Sugaring NYC in Gulfport, she recalls, via “a landslide of perfect events.” Growing up in a family of self-employed cosmetologists, she spent her whole life being involved in the salon business and earned her certifications at a young age.

“I was drawn to (Sugaring NYC’s) commitment to a community of people who care about taking care of themselves and who are looking for a natural approach to their hair-removal grooming routines,” Ivy says. “My standards … lined up with the owners of Sugaring NYC – Gulfport, who chose this franchise based on the quality of the products and the exceptional support they provide.”

Client Brie Lybrand Garza, owner of owner of Say Yes Weddings and Events, says the Sugaring NYC team went above and beyond to talk her through the process and answer her questions. The experience, she adds, “was like gabbing with a girlfriend.”

“The atmosphere was highly professional and fun; it was an atmosphere that you would expect from the show ‘Cheers’ rather than what you would anticipate from a typical waxing,” Garza says. “I really enjoyed the friendly, warm and welcoming atmosphere.”


The local store’s service menu includes body sugaring, facial sugaring, eyebrow lamination and eyelash lift and tinting. Patrons also can buy memberships, gift cards and the Sugaring NYC product line of after care items, like exfoliation scrubs, ingrown hair removal products and sugar paste.

The most recent addition to these offerings, Ivy explains, is wedding packages.

“This is a time in a bride’s life where she wants to look her best and feel like a queen,” she adds. “The brides will enjoy the option of two different bride packages, along with a bridal party package.” The salon also is partnering with local wedding and event planners, venues and others to offer a pampering time for wedding parties.

Although the franchise now has a foothold on the Coast, it is by no means done growing. The owners of Sugaring NYC – Gulfport – Mississippi have exclusive rights to the franchise along the northern Gulf Coast, and Ivy says a new salon is planned in Ocean Springs by the end of the year.

“We’ve created a beautiful business,” Ivy says. “We are all very proud to commit ourselves to the success of our highly professional estheticians, our adorable employees, our clients’ satisfaction and making a professional contribution to the Mississippi Gulf Coast.”


Sugaring NYC – Gulfport – Mississippi
8923 Lorraine Road, Suite B, Gulfport
Monday–Saturday, 9 a.m.-8 p.m.; Sunday, 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
(228) 206-1952
National Instagram: @sugaringnyc
National Facebook page:
Local Gulfport Facebook page:

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