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Victory through adversity

by Lana Martin//

“Although God uses storms to shape us through His power, the storms of life do not define you as a person.  You are better than the trial you are enduring.”

When you are in the storms of life, sometimes your praise becomes weakened. Negative words began to manifest in your mind, and it seems the storm begins to define you. God has promised us in the time of trouble; He shall hide us in His pavilion, in the secret place. He will give you victory in the storm. God has gifted you with praise to connect with Him and to preserve you when you’re facing the most difficult times of life.  Here are three ways to maintain victory in the midst of your adversity.

Give God a sacrificial praise

The gift of praise connects you with Him in a deeper way and edifies who He is. He is the creator and there is none like Him. In the storms of life, our praise may become weakened from the burdens, but the greatest blessings come when we reach deep within our spirit and offer up a sacrificial praise. A sacrificial praise is an offertory praise that is difficult to surrender to God when faced with opposition. Hebrews 13:15 says, “… let us continually offer to God a sacrifice of praise with the fruit of our lips that openly declares his name.” When we offer praise to God, He receives it and, in return, He pours out the blessings. The Lord encourages us to praise Him continually whether life is easy or difficult, as this pleases Him.

A woman in the Bible suffered for 12 years with an issue of blood. It seemed like there was no hope for her. She pressed for her miracle because the storm had become so great and she had no other alternative! My friend, you do the same.  You must press through the difficult times and praise God to receive victory in every area of your life! He promised to give us a way of escape. Say this, “I will bless the Lord at all times, and His praises shall continue to be in my mouth!” Hallelujah, aren’t you glad we serve a mighty God?

the storms of life do not define you!

Although God uses storms to shape us through His power, the storms of life do not define you as a person.  You are better than the trial you are enduring. God sees you as blessed, healed and delivered. He sees the end product. You are chosen, of a royal priesthood and a part of a holy nation. You are God’s special possession. When you become aware of this, you will see yourself differently and you will come through the fire as pure gold. God has called you out of the darkness of the storm to make life easier in His light. Know that there is peace available to you during the storm, and a new you will emerge after the storm. You win with Jesus.

Watch your words!

Your words shape your life and those around you. What you speak can either call for or hinder the victory that God wants you to experience. Death and life are in the power of the tongue. So, speak victory in your life and you will see victory.  Strive to speak what God says about you because your victory literally depends on it. Remember the same resurrecting power that Jesus possessed lies inside of you and you have the authority to call your life in to order according to the will of God.

Minister Lana Martin recently shared this message with the Women of Wisdom organization. Reach her at