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5 ways to transform your exterior spaces

Making outdoor life more livable

Especially when you live in a warm, balmy climate like the Coast, outdoor spaces become extensions of your home. They’re the settings for family celebrations, get-togethers with friends and moments of solitary bliss. As we head into spring, it’s the perfect time to spruce up our patios and porches and make improvements we can enjoy for many seasons to come.

What sorts of upgrades should you consider? Here are some of the top outdoor living trends for 2024:


Bid adieu to stiff, uncomfortable plastic seating. Homeowners are swapping outdated exterior furniture for plush, comfy chairs and sectionals ideal for entertaining. And you don’t have to sacrifice comfort and style for durability and practicality. Modular outdoor furniture has become popular due to its versatility and ability to be easily rearranged.


Landscape design firm Yardzen has dubbed 2024 “The year of the eclectic yard.” This reflects a trend toward more customization and personal expression. There’s no need to feel confined by convention; instead, use your imagination and build a backyard that’s tailored to your needs and lifestyle. If you’d rather have a hibachi than a standard grill or a plunge pool instead of a fire pit, then dare to be different — and make no apologies.


In this same vein, handmade items and artisan creations are replacing mass-produced items, infusing outdoor spaces with character, luxury and charm. Homeowners also are ditching synthetic decor in favor of natural materials and fibers like rattan, stone, wood and terracotta. This shift is not only a win for creativity and taste, but also for sustainability.


Lighting is often overlooked, but it plays a crucial role in creating ambience and shaping how a space looks and feels. Want a warm, vintage glow or a contemporary radiance? You can achieve whatever vibe you desire with the right bulbs and fixtures. Energy-efficient LED lights are available that can withstand the elements and have smart controllers that let you adjust the color and brightness. And don’t limit yourself just because you’re outside. Pendant lights, lanterns and sconces can lend your outdoor space a touch of glam.


Patios and porches became our retreats during the COVID-19 pandemic, and years later, they remain our happy places. Wellness is now a priority when it comes to designing exterior spaces, with builders fielding requests for features like yoga rooms, rain showers, sensory gardens, therapeutic spa pools and saunas. This emphasis on wellness highlights the role of the outdoors in promoting relaxation, mental health and physical wellbeing.

Whether you’re a a nature lover or just want to incorporate more outdoor living into your lifestyle, you can design a rejuvenating, luxurious outdoor space that suits your wants and needs. Don’t be afraid to extend your living space beyond your home’s walls and discover the joy of being on a staycation every day.

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