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Embracing self-expression: Home exterior trends blend beauty and function

When it comes to exterior design, we are witnessing an exciting burst of colors and innovative choices. The top exterior trends offer the perfect blend of beautiful aesthetics and practical functionality, ranging from sustainable choices to bold colors and mixed materials. There is a continued interest in timeless designs such as farmhouse and mid-century modern elevations that seamlessly blend comfort with charm.

Homeowners are embracing boldness and self-expression, creating curb appeal that showcases their unique style. Here’s a glimpse into the trends that are causing a stir.

Acadian Homes


  • Playful Pastels: Say goodbye to muted tones! Pastel shades like soft pinks, mint greens and powder blues are gaining popularity for exterior walls. These colors add a touch of whimsy and exude a sense of freshness and modernity. They also embody coastal living vibes.
  • Moody Hues: Dark and moody shades are making a comeback, giving homes an air of sophistication and elegance. Deep charcoal, navy and forest green create an inviting ambiance, making a bold statement.
  • Earthy Neutrals: Timeless, and always fashionable, earthy neutrals like taupe, creamy beige and subtle gray continue to dominate color palettes. These hues provide a versatile backdrop for architectural styles.
  • Deep Reds: Embrace the spotlight with captivating ruby hues that are sure to turn heads. Whether it’s a lively red brick or a bold crimson front door, these selections inject vibrancy and personality into your facade, making an eye-catching statement.
  • Contemporary Simplicity: The timeless grace and elegance of white exteriors endures, offering a modern aesthetic. My three favorite exterior whites are Pure White, Alabaster and Greek Villa, all by Sherwin-Williams. When combined with clean lines and minimalist design elements, white creates a look that’s both current and classic.


MG Prestige
  • Rustic Whitewash: Whitewashed brick exteriors are gaining popularity because of their appeal and versatility. This choice harmonizes well with color schemes, making it a preferred option for those aiming to establish an inviting atmosphere.
  • Blending Colors and Textures: Mixing different styles and colors of bricks to create a unique facade is a trend gaining attention. Incorporating red, white or gray bricks adds dimension and visual allure, resulting in a fresh exterior with a one-of-a-kind feel.


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The latest trends in siding colors are leaning toward warm neutrals, off-whites, deep greens and blues. Achieving a balanced and appealing exterior for your home involves pairing neutral tones with earthy hues, occasionally introducing vibrant accents. Textured fiber cement panels offer durability and low maintenance while contributing to sustainable home design. There are several pre-painted options, or those you can paint any color you choose.


Acadian Homes

Homeowners are now interested in adding eco-friendly landscaping techniques by incorporating native plants, rain gardens and hardscapes that allow water to seep through. Moreover, they are incorporating water-efficient irrigation systems and solar-powered lighting.

Whether you gravitate toward pastels, embrace atmospheric shades or stick to classic neutrals, the goal is to express your unique style and create a home that radiates personality and charm. Make a lasting impression with your choices! Just a friendly reminder: if your community has a homeowners’ association, check for approval before making any exterior changes.

Written by Susie Siemiontkowski

Susan Siemiontkowski is a Realtor with Coldwell Banker Alfonso Realty. Reach her at (228) 239-2621 or

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