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Caregiver Corner: What to do when it’s time to sell the family home

Selling the family home can be difficult for everyone. After all, it represents years of memories and treasures. However, there may come a time, for many possible reasons, when it’s appropriate to let it go. One of the biggest questions is: How do you get the family on board?

Whether you are planning to sell the home you grew up in or the home your family lives in now, there are lots of things to consider:

  • Is this the best time to sell?
  • How do we get everyone on the same page?
  • What monetary amount do we want to get from the sale?
  • How fast do we need to sell?
  • How do we choose the right Realtor?
  • How can we make this a positive transition for the family?



• Have a family meeting to discuss the plan. Keep in mind everyone will have emotions and will need time to sort through them during the process of selling the home.

• Let everyone share their input, meet with the Realtor and feel confident in the decisions.

• Know who the lead person is to make decisions. Is there a power of attorney? Who must sign the paperwork?

• Go through the items of the home and divvy out prior to putting the home up for sale. Review the list below for how to get the home ready.



• Have a proposed amount to sell and to get from the sale.

• Expand the family focus to include working together to get things finalized quicker.

• Have one last event/party to share in the memories of the home to make the transition easier.

• If you want to put the home into an estate or trust, there are attorneys who specialize in this.



1. Clean, clean, clean … and make it smell clean.

2. Declutter, donate and put away personal photos and paperwork.

3. Ensure paint colors are a blend of neutrals if possible. 4. Create an outdoor entertaining area (check out Pinterest for easy ideas).

5. Get rid of personal items (photos, collectibles, etc.).

6. Declutter and organize linen and clothing closets.

7. Create a spa-like feeling in the bathrooms.

8. Spruce up curb appeal for a great first impression (again, Pinterest is a great place for ideas).

9. House plants go a long way in brightening a home. 10. Accentuate natural light for an inviting feel. Open curtains/blinds for home showings, and make sure windows are clean).


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