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Marketing Moment: Three steps to holiday-season success for small retailers

The hustle and bustle of the holidays has begun. Amid all the shopping at major retail chains, smaller business owners may forget that the busiest shopping season of the year presents an opportunity for them, too. The big box stores don’t get all the customers. In fact, many people intentionally shop small and want gifts that are not mass produced. Even if you don’t have a marketing budget in the millions, you still can get your products in front of your customers. Here are three ways to get started:


A picture is worth a thousand words. Hence, a great picture of your product could result in new customers. A great image should demonstrate the product, show people enjoying it and be lit in a way that flatters what you’re trying to sell. It should be the focal point of the image.


Confused customers don’t buy. For those who do not like “selling,” there is a tendency to not be direct. Hints and allusions can be missed, leaving the potential customer guessing. Take control of this moment. Clearly state the product, benefits, price, discount percentage and deadline.


Think about your favorite commercial. How many times have you seen it? I would guess much more than once. Large companies buy exposure on radio stations, television and elsewhere and have their ad placed multiple times in multiple spaces. They do this just in case you were not watching or listening the other times their commercial appeared. Don’t assume your customers saw your ad the first time. Many of them probably did not. Remember to share often.


If your customers signed up to get emails from you, include email in your marketing mix. Promote your most popular products or services, and include a testimonial in the email. Email marketing allows you to cut through some of the noise that is experienced when marketing via social media.

These are just a few ways to promote your products and services this holiday season. Creating a plan is the best way to accomplish your marketing, and ultimately sales, goals. If you don’t have a holiday marketing plan yet, it is not too late. Don’t miss this opportunity to finish the year strong.

Written by LaShaundra McCarty

LaShaundra McCarty is chief communication officer, LMc Communications. Learn more and connect with her via or
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