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The importance of mom friends

Friendships are an essential aspect of life. Having a core group of people you can turn to for support plays a significant role in our mental health. As moms, this can be extremely important. We all have friends we may have gained through childhood, college and work. I am not suggesting that you let your childhood best friend go, but having mom friends who can relate to where you are in your journey can have a positive impact. Mom friends remind you that you’re not alone. The transition into motherhood can be challenging, even more so for new moms. You’re sleep deprived and trying to figure it all out. While you may have the support of family and your spouse, everyone’s typically in awe of the new baby. It’s easy to feel as though you’re not seen. Your mom friends help remind you that you’re a person, too.

Mom friends get it. They understand the ups and downs of motherhood and are right there with you on the journey. So, there’s no need to explain why the house is a mess or why there’s two weeks’ worth of laundry on the couch. They get it. Mom friends are there when you need someone to vent to. They are there when you’ve had one of those days and need someone to talk to. They understand what it’s like to go through the terrible twos or preteen antics and may even need to vent themselves.

Mom friends remind you that your children are normal. When you become a mom, everyone has opinions and don’t mind telling you what your child should be doing and when. From first steps to potty training, it can leave you with doubts when they don’t reach those milestones. Your mom friends are there to reassure you that it’s OK if they don’t. If there’s one tip I can offer you as a mom, it is to find your community. I’ve met some great moms and feel that I am better as a mom myself because of it.

Written by Ariel Chamberlain

Ariel Chamberlain is mom and lifestyle blogger based on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Connect with her via Instagram (@thelemonsoflife1, her blog ( or by email at

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