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Let’s not be afraid to talk about money

As we enter spring, let’s refresh our perspective about having financial conversations. Our relationship with money often is shaped by personal experience and beliefs that were ingrained in us from a young age. Many of us were taught that money is a private matter that should not be discussed openly. Some may even consider it disrespectful to ask about someone’s financial situation.

We need to question whether this approach is beneficial. For many, it only has created discomfort and hindered our ability to have meaningful conversations about money. It’s time to break free from this fear and empower ourselves to talk openly about our finances.

There’s one thing successful women have in common when it comes to money: We want to make the most of it. This brings us to the first tip on overcoming the fear of financial conversations.


Remember, your worth is not defined by your financial status. It’s easy to let money dictate who we are, but we must not lose sight of our true selves. Take the time to rediscover the positive qualities that make you unique and valuable. Set healthy boundaries so that external factors, like money, do not define your worth in this world. When you have a solid understanding of who you are and what you stand for, money becomes important, but it no longer dominates your identity.


Let’s be honest — how many times have you heard something about money that sparked your interest? Each of these instances has the potential to lead to a conversation that could benefit you financially. Take note of these experiences and recognize that fear was not present in those moments. The barrier that inhibits you from discussing personal finances can be overcome by shifting your mindset and drawing on positive financial experiences. Embrace the idea of having healthy financial conversations and learning from others. By adopting this new mindset, you will normalize these discussions and open yourself up to financial growth.

By empowering ourselves to talk openly about money, we can escape the stigma and discomfort that surrounds this sensitive subject. Remember, your worth is not determined by your bank balance, and every conversation about money has the potential to bring you closer to financial success. It’s time to embrace the power of discussing money and reap the rewards that come with it.

Written by Janera Harvey

Janera Harvey is a money coach, certified credit counselor and owner of The Credit Journey LLC. Reach her at

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