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Spring fashion trends for everyone

by Brenda Blount//

Four trends are at the top of the essential list for spring fashion: Athleisure, the shirt, 80s glam and utilitarian street chic. Why should you be happy about this? Because it’s something we can all wear!


Athleisure. What is Athleisure? It’s essentially workout clothes designed to take you from work to your gym, and then out to dinner or drinks. Think fashionable dressed up sweat pants, tops and jackets. We can blame celebrities in gym clothes for popularizing this trend, so here are four easy ways you can embrace this style:

  • Look for bold and bright colors against a black background
  • Pull look together with a fitted top or jacket
  • Layering is essential
  • Statement tees


The classic shirt can be long, oversized, striped or ruffled. Everyone needs a classic white shirt.


I usually don’t like to look back, but aren’t we all a little nostalgic for 80s Madonna? Bring on the big hair and shiny lip gloss because it’s the 80s! Look for shiny fabrics in pants and jackets. What I really love about this look is all the color. A word of caution here: a little 80s goes a long way so don’t try the head-to-toe look.


This is basically a dressed up version of your favorite khakis. Think warm earth tones and army green with a splash of color.


Of course, there are certain looks I hope you will avoid this spring…as in, “Danger Will Robinson danger!”

  • Bra tops. Okay, wearing a bra as a top under a shirt or jacket makes sense if you are a rock star or if you are on a beach in Mexico. Don’t do it!
  • Romantic looks. So this is the “Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm” look that works on pre-teen girls and teenagers. Sheer dresses and tops with delicate embroidered flowers look great on little girls, but as an adult, it’s best to avoid this look.
  • The extra large tote or handbag. Do you feel a twinge of pain in your shoulder every time you hoist your already heavy handbag over your shoulder? Don’t do it. This trend comes and goes, but remember the Oprah show where she asks the women to empty their purse? I know… it’s scary what we women will carry around — the bigger the handbag the more stuff. Just say no!

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