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Spilling her secret: Gabriella Jakins

As a momma of two young daughters. Gabriella Jakins likes to keep her products to a minimum. “For years, I’ve been testing new products,” she says, “and finally have found my ‘go-tos.” As a blogger and influencer, Jakins prides herself on being honest with her network, pledging, “I would never recommend something I don’t truly love or wouldn’t purchase and use myself.” Like most moms, she’s also cost conscious and recognizes that more pricey purchases must be worth every penny. With that said, Jakins is excited to share some of her favorite everyday products:


This is literally my ride or die. I’ll never stop using it. Over the years, I’ve tried probably close to 50 different foundations, from drugstore to high end, and I promise you — nothing compares. 

What I love about this formula is that it’s good for all skin types. What really sold me was the coverage. You’re not going to find this coverage or quality anywhere else. I’ve struggled with acne my entire life, and this is the only foundation I’ve found that doesn’t irritate my skin and covers my acne. 


I’ve tried a few of Revolution’s products and really loved them. When I saw they had salicylic acid drops, I knew I had to grab them. Truly, I didn’t have high expectations because it was only $6. I’m so glad I decided to try this because it quickly has become one of my faves. 

I’ve struggled with acne for a long time, and it’s hard for me to find something that doesn’t irritate my skin. These drops have done wonders for my skin. I apply them after I cleanse my face at night, but before my moisturizer. This is a definite must-have if you struggle with acne. 


I’ve tried probably close to 15 different tanners. So, I asked a friend, and she recommended Loving Tan tanner. I’m a bit tan already, so none of the tanners that I used really got dark enough for me. I use the extra dark, and it is truly amazing. Make sure you grab a mitt to apply it; that makes a world of difference. It’s a higher-priced tanner, but the bottle lasts you a good while. 


I used to grab a different body wash every time I needed a new one — not anymore! I was hooked as soon as I smelled this Method body wash in Target. My best friend used it once while we were on vacation together. She loved it so much that I bought her one to put in her hospital bag. 


I’m naturally a brunette, but I love to get a touch of blonde balayage. I’ve gone through a lot of purple shampoos, and the ELEVEN “Keep my Colour Blonde” formula is by far my favorite. It’s a little pricier than others I’ve tried, but it’s worth it. I just started using the body/volume line by the same brand and immediately fell in love. 


This is absolutely my go-to when it comes to perfume. I’m extremely picky when it comes to scents. I could seriously go into Ulta, smell all the perfumes and maybe like two or three. Every time I wear this particular perfume, someone always stops me to ask what I’m wearing. My favorite thing about it is that the scent actually lasts all day. 

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