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Defy gravity this season in the platform trend

As much as I love clothing trends, shoe trends are my absolute favorite. It’s like you’re transported to another world. There are so many levels and types of shoe fanatics, from sneaker-heads to high heel queens to Croc lovers. Shoes also are a key element of someone’s style and reflect their personality. It’s honestly the first thing I look at when I meet people (Don’t judge me!). You never know — someone’s footwear could be a conversation starter. 


One new trend — which actually isn’t new at all —is platform shoes. I’m in love with this style right now. The way they bring a ’90s feel into the 2020s is perfect. We need all the nostalgia and good vibes we can get! Since I’m shorter, I love the boost it provides, especially when I’m reaching for things in high places … or I’m just trying to be cool. 


Right now, my favorite shoe is the Converse Chuck Taylor All- Star Move Platform Sneaker. It has the classic look, which everyone loves about Converse, while adding a modern twist with a platform. 

This platform doesn’t feel awkward or bulky; it feels like you’re walking on clouds. It’s the absolute best! 

With this style making a comeback in full force, expect to see platform sandals, boots, etc. everywhere. 

Have fun this season and try out a platform. No worries — you can thank me later. 

Jasmine Ball is a Mississippi fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger. Connect with her via Instagram (Miss_Ball23), her blog site ( or by email at 

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