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Daring to take the leap: How Roxane Dykes built her business

Have you ever felt the pull to take control of your career and follow your passion? For me, that moment arrived in 2019 when I made a life-changing decision and start living intentionally. I began a journey toward a dream I had of being self-employed and opening my own mortgage brokerage. I knew it wasn’t going to happen overnight. I needed to make changes in my career, expand my sphere of influence and shift my life trajectory.

I immersed myself in my community. I actively engaged with local chambers of commerce, nonprofits, women’s groups and networking circles. This deliberate involvement led to form new connections and friendships with accomplished individuals. Not only did they become my friends, but they became my support system and, most significantly, my cheerleaders. The adage, “If you want to be successful, surround yourself with successful people,” couldn’t be truer.

During this time, I learned as much as I could to prepare myself. I developed my skills, accumulated knowledge and continued to build the confidence I needed to take that leap of faith. Despite the preparation, I faced a one-year delay, due to fear. Recognizing the need for a support system to help me push past my fear and hold me accountable, I enlisted my husband and a few close friends. I’m grateful for the extra time, it allowed me to prepare a little more.

My biggest piece of advice is to not be afraid to ask for help. You will be amazed how much others want to see you succeed. My incredibly talented sister-in-law, Erinn Carty, assisted me with branding and designing my logo. With friends’ help, I created my policies and procedures and a detailed business plan outlining my vision, target market, marketing strategies and financial projections.

I ensured I had all the necessary licenses required to operate legally as a mortgage broker. I saved enough money to cover initial startup costs and sustain myself during the initial stages of the business, and I continued to build relationships with my referral partners and other professionals in the industry to establish a strong network.

Finally, the day came when I made the leap. It was both exhilarating and terrifying. Leaving the security of employment to embrace the uncertainty of self-employment was a big step. However, armed with a solid plan, a deep passion for what I was doing and a determination to succeed, I took the leap in January.

Opening my own mortgage brokerage and becoming self-employed was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

It hasn’t been without its challenges, but the rewards have far exceeded the risks. Along the way, I’ve had the privilege of assisting numerous individuals and families in realizing their homeownership dreams while building a business that fills me with pride.

If you’re considering self-employment, I encourage you to carefully assess your motivations, plan meticulously and be prepared for entrepreneurship’s ups and downs. It’s a path that can be incredibly rewarding for those who dare to take the leap.

Roxane Dykes is the owner of Magnolia Lending LLC, located at 2112 Bienville Blvd., Suite H2, in Ocean Springs. Reach her at or (228) 819-2090.

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