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Resell and shop at Style Encore

photography by Lauren Holliman Photography

Chelle Williams’ first encounter with a Style Encore shop was during an out-of-town trip. “I immediately fell in love with the selection and the prices. When I looked for other locations nearest me, I found none. That’s how new the brand was.”

The Mobile businesswoman has now brought that brand to the Coast in her new retail venture in D’Iberville. She was enthralled with the concept from the moment she shopped at a Style Encore.

“I love the concept of the store. Being able to provide women a place to get some money back out of items they are no longer using feels good. They seem to love it, too!”

She chose D’Iberville because she loves the area and the people here, she says. “The people have been overwhelmingly kind and supportive of what we’re doing here. Although it’s only been a few months, I already feel cemented in the community.”

Chelle Williams, owner/manager of Style Encore

Style Encore fills a special niche for Coast women who are holding onto good condition, quality brand fashions that are no longer the right size and or look for them. “As women, we all have those things in our closets just taking up space,” Williams says. “Some garments have tags on them because ‘maybe one day we’ll wear them.’ Or something that we haven’t worn in a while because it was too tight or loose. The shirt that you thought you would love but never could quite find the right pants or bra to wear with it. Then, there’s the shoes we wore one night and one night was enough (but they’re basically new). We hear similar stories daily.”

And for women who like to keep their wardrobe fresh but shop on a budget, Style Encore aims to meet that need as well. “Personally, I’ve always enjoyed being able to switch out my wardrobe frequently,” Williams says. “Being able to afford that isn’t an option for everyone (and at different times in my life wasn’t an option for me). Now our sellers and buyers have a way to do a closet cleanout, make some room and some cash, and perhaps find something to bring back home with them.”

Williams, who says she has never met a stranger, has always been involved in sales. “I love helping people find what they are looking for and putting a smile on their face,” she says. “I enjoy challenging some of the customers to try on things that I have picked out for them. Things they wouldn’t ordinarily pick for themselves. Some outfits work, some don’t. Sometimes it just takes an open mind.”

Style Encore offers women’s business and casual apparel sizes 0-24. It also carries athletic wear. “You can find shoes ranging in size from 5-12. We also buy and sell handbags both designer and fashion, as well as other accessories,” Williams says. “The apparel in the store is intended for women of ages ranging from mid-late 20s and beyond. To appeal to an audience that broad, our selection must, too.”

Style Encore’s selection is constantly changing as new merchandise is purchased daily and stocked.

“Style Encore is a fun place to shop,” Williams says. “There’s such a variety of brands that women love that it’s hard to imagine a lady of any age not finding something she’ll love. Our prices are amazing. It’s like one big clearance rack. And where else can you bring in unwanted items and get handed cash that day?”


11505 Cinema Dr #3, D’Iberville
(across from Grand Theater)
Monday-Saturday, 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Sunday, noon – 5 p.m.
(228) 967-7966



Style Encore owner/manager Chelle Williams’ offers these tips for reselling items: Our process is a same-day service. We ask that items be freshly laundered, off of the hangers and in a container of some sort (hamper or tote works well). We do not require an appointment and don’t place a limit on the amount we’ll accept. Our buying decisions are influenced heavily by the style and condition. We’re looking for items that are current and trendy in style (offered in stores in the most recent 18 months) and in next to new condition. We’ll inspect the items one at a time and look for the things we wish to purchase from the seller. Garments, shoes or handbags will then be entered into our computer to generate a quote, and we’ll make an offer to purchase those items for cash on the spot.

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