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Organize and love your laundry room

Doing laundry is rarely atop anyone’s list of uplifting activities — but we all love an empty laundry basket! With a little attention, your laundry area can feel more cheerful and function more easily.


First, gather all your laundry products out of the cupboards and drawers and sort them into categories: detergents, stain removers, dryer sheets, clothespins, etc. In each category, keep the items you enjoy using and say goodbye to those you don’t. Does this detergent scent smell good to you? Which dryer balls work best? Are any products empty, expired or unused?


Now that you know what products you love and how much you have to store, have fun with personalizing your storage! The key here is to tone down “visual noise” created by words and graphics on packaging. For example, you might pour powdered detergent into glass canisters, place dryer sheets in a
decorative tissue holder and store similar items like stain removers together in attractive, beautifully labeled baskets. Opening your laundry cupboards can and should make you smile!


Think about how you function in your laundry area. Given its space limitations, consider what items could improve your experience: a hanging rod, a drying rack, a three-bag hamper, a folding table, a wall-mount ironing board holder, a different washer or dryer? As with every task, the right tools make all the difference.


If you really want to love your laundry room, love your laundry. If you haven’t done so already, now is a perfect time to commit to organizing your clothing by taking stock of what’s in your closets and drawers, keeping only the clothes you enjoy wearing, and letting go of the rest. It can be a pleasure to care for those items we truly care for!

Heather Young, of Tidy and Calm LLC, is a certified KonMari consultant. She and her team use the KonMari Method™ to transform home organizing into a once-in-a-lifetime joyful event. Reach her at