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New city transformation initiative launches

From Business Empowered International

Business Empowered International Chamber of Commerce is on a mission to transform cities around the globe. 

A new initiative, City Calling, is a faith-based effort to help citizens, community and government leaders in several areas, including: 

  • Making them fully aware that they hold the key to changing the trajectory of their city’s growth and development 
  • Empowering them to answer the call to transform their city by fulfilling their God-given purpose 
  • Uniting people from all walks of life in prayer. 

In 2013, Dr. Kathy Amos and her husband, Dr. Joe, launched a city transformation initiative called Blessing Canton Week, a city transformation revival in the courtyard square of Canton, Mississippi. They brought families, churches, community, and governmental leaders together for worship and prayer. Each year, they relocated to various neighborhoods, taking some of the pastors and attendees out of their comfort zone and facilitating growth. 

From this initiative, over $2,000 in offerings went into the City of Canton’s budget to help families in need. Amos says City Calling is phase two of what they anticipate doing in their community and beyond. 

“We want every man, woman, boy and girl living their best lives faithfully and with intentionality in their identity, purpose and calling,” she says, “because this is the seedbed for city transformation.” 

According to Amos, Business Empowered International Chamber of Commerce and Business Empowered Mississippi Chamber of Commerce’s vision and mission have always been to instill business and ministry leaders with Christ-centered principles, so that they can empower those in their sphere of influence. 

“With the City Calling initiative,” she says, “we now have the blueprint to see transformation happening one city at a time.” 

Some of the programs planned to help achieve this goal, according to the City Calling website, include a leadership council, coaches, prayer hubs, sponsorship partners, a reward program, a resource center, team building and more. For additional information, visit or 

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