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Mother’s Day ideas to make mom smile

Of course, flowers are always appreciated, but are you considering switching up your Mother’s Day gift this year? Here are some out-of-the-box ideas to celebrate your one-of-a-kind mom: 

• Why not set up a full week of “happies” to be delivered to mom? Get your siblings and others who love her involved and have a special meal delivered each day for one week. The meal can be ordered and delivered from a restaurant or hand-prepared in your kitchen. 

• Instead of that bouquet that will look pretty for a few days, why not gift mom a special blooming tree or plant to brighten up her outside porch, deck or yard? She’ll remember your love every time she sees it or smells its sweet fragrance. 

• If your mom is over 40, chances are she’s always reaching for a pair of readers. Glasses don’t have to be just functional these days; in fact, they have gone big and bold with a lot of style and flair. Pick up a stylish pair at a local retailer. She’ll smile and think of you every time someone compliments her on them. 

• The weather’s getting warmer, so it’s time to pull off the hats, scarves and hoodies. Purchase mom a gift certificate with a hairstylist and colorist to freshen up her look. 

• You may have done this as a kid, but it’s still a really great idea! Make her a book of “coupons” she can redeem later in the year. Here are some ideas to get you going: Organize your closet; spend a day helping you with the gardening; girls shopping trip; … 

• Does your mom have her memories stored on outdated technology? Companies like iMemories can convert her treasured photos and home movies into an HD, digital format that’s easily sharable, user friendly and can be viewed anywhere — whether on a TV, smartphone, computer or tablet. Mom can rest assured that her precious mementos are preserved for many generations to come. 

• Loungewear became an essential part of our lives in 2020 — and there’s no going back. Why not gift mom a super soft, extra comfy pair of leggings, sweatsuit or fleece hoodie that’s perfect for relaxing around the house? Not only will she stay snug, but she’ll be stylish, too. 

• Is your mom health-conscious? Help her reach her wellness and fitness goals with tools that are as smart as she is. For instance, the FitTrack scale provides 17 different health measurements, including hydration, BMI and bone mass. A smart fitness band, which can monitor her steps, sleep, heart rate and more, is another thoughtful gift. From state-of-the-art stationary cycles to water containers that remind you to drink, the options are endless. 

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