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Make your spring cleaning joyful

If you’re inspired to show your house some love by deep cleaning it this spring, a little planning can ensure success and bring joy to the event. 


Determine how much time you’re willing and able to spend, and block it off on your calendar as a non-negotiable commitment. Plan to devote the entire day (or two or three) exclusively to cleaning so you won’t get distracted and lose momentum. 

Make a wish list of cleaning tasks you want to accomplish, then prioritize those that absolutely must get done for you to feel great about the results. For inspiration, search the internet for “spring cleaning checklist,” keeping in mind that you don’t have to do every task on every list! 

And please don’t feel you must do everything yourself. Does washing windows sound like torture? Consider hiring a specialist or trading out with a spring-cleaning friend. You could delegate appropriate tasks to family members and make spring cleaning a team event. Chart it out, and clearly communicate who will do what tasks when. 


Once you’ve planned which tasks to tackle, make sure you have all necessary supplies on hand and that you enjoy using them. The right tools make all the difference! Is your vacuum cleaner in good working order? Do your cleaning gloves fit? Do you have the proper cloth for that streak-free shine? If you value eco-friendly products, do your cleaning supplies reflect it? Using your favorite products will maximize your efficiency and boost your morale. 


In a sense, spring cleaning is really an act of love for your house and those who live in it. When you do it with joy, all the better! Play your favorite music while you work. Open all the windows, letting fresh air and sunlight fill your space and lift your spirit. And by all means, establish a reward for yourself — and your crew — to look forward to once you finish. 

Heather Young, of Tidy and Calm LLC, is a professional home organizer, certified in the KonMari Method® popularized by Marie Kondo. Reach her at 

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